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I don't know that's i did not see that in the memo from the police chief as to whether anybody was armed i mean thankfully if they were nothing happened in that but i mean that is also something to consider when you're throwing these big galas for officers usually they're carrying whether they're on duty or not i know that from being from a family of police officers they usually have something on them at all times and not the smartest thing to do if you're out drinking oh that's a bad decision to have injuring at any time john is in northwest austin it's to eleven with marc and melinda john go ahead sir i just wanted to comment on you know i mean you know you get drunk and belligerent or something you know i mean it's not a getting suspended like that doesn't seem like a real offend you know i mean you talking about how they got home like more offense but the guy urinating like he did i mean i have three boys i teach him to urinate all the time in public you know by my four year walks up to me i gotta be at a p gopi well in my view there there's another angle to this story which is our austin police department punishes its own they they seem to be very committed to shattering that meth or that that idea protecting the blue i'm just going to say though like if you think about it the guy doesn't appear to be like sitting there showing himself to people he was taking a p public place and representing the police at the same time i really don't think that urinating in public is something that we should be encouraging well if you're on sixth street or seventh street i agree but you know i doubt he was that he's probably peeing in a bush acl live outside the moody theater yeah and there's plenty of bushes and it's not going to kill bush all right john thank you there were three witnesses mentioned in the chiefs report on how he arrived at his conclusion remember this isn't night where they're supposed to be celebrating the best of the best to the police it's their awards gala handing out awards for the officers that did really exceptional things over the course of the year and i would imagine.

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