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Long time ago. If you're thinking like park in downtown, which I think last year, I tried this figure it'll be no parking by the by the ballpark. So okay. You park in over the Rhine take the streetcar down, but trying to get to over the Rhine is tough because the roads are blocked off because they're still closed off from the parade. We don't have the manpower to get out there and take down every barricade as soon as the parade is over. So it takes awhile to hash. All that out. My point is if you're going to both don't leave and come back because you're gonna be kinda host the one here. Go ahead to be down. There. We've done it. The holy grail, maybe at three o'clock or something. So I had to find a place to park, and I was way down at the other end of Longworth hall again, it would be a long walk to a Bengals game and I had to get to the reds game. And even that probably took me a half hour to find a parking space. So that's the only downside to opening day is obviously it happens when office buildings downtown are full parking lots are full before the day begins. Then you try to put whatever few ten thousand down there for the parade and forty thousand more for a ball game, and it gets tough. So if you find a parking space, it's like gold so hold onto it and bigger this year than ever probably number one, the weather number two hundred and fifty year of the reds one hundred year of the parade. There's just so many other things to attract people to downtown. The lawyer there enjoy yourself. Well, I've usually done passes. I'll catch the game usually go down like in the morning by the parade lineup which is right around Findlay market. So you're kind of seeing what's gonna be in the parade. Even if you don't hang around for it, you can walk around. I mean, it's not really a secret. You can get a beer, and you can walk around see all the people in the floats of okay? There's the governor. There's this guy is this person the bands are kind of tuning up. So you're catching your marching bands without standards. You do the parade at your own pace instead of waiting for the parade to come to you. And then try to get back to the game. Somehow. I haven't decided exactly how I'm gonna handle that rent a helicopter or something. See what happens? So anyway, we got your forecast here. We'll hitch without just ahead. But everybody knows the whereabouts of Danny Gleason, Danny Gleeson point him in the general direction because the boy is late for work today. That's not daddy Gleason. That's mike. Danny gleeson..

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