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To get an immediate reaction from a fan perspective for jeff carter trade and what better fan to reach out to then my father. How're you doing today. Google you just doing all right. We're recording this bull. Eight fifty four in the morning or almost noon. Your tight east coast. It's fifty four. Yeah but look jeff. Carter traded away. And i don't want to get into the details of you. Know we like the straight doing not like this trade with mean in fact instead i just want to kind of appreciate jeff carter. Because ordinarily in a trade we'd be getting somebody back and i'd be reaching out to you. Know a journalist or play by play guy from the team of the person coming back but in this case just picks coming back. So i just you know. I was thinking about last night. You see all the responses on twitter and on facebook The message boards and people are emotional about this trade. And i was surprised at how emotional i was. Given that i wasn't emotional about to foley martinez muhsin pearson all those guys. I was sorta like okay. Well that's a bummer teams rebuilding but seen carter. Go really does sort of hit different as the kids. Say yeah it it. Signals is signals the end. Because now okay the lewis and i thought that was too bad but you know. This isn't right old gang reverence call. Gang is when i thought overnight and i thought that the car thing reminding me of what you always say about when you buy a pet yes i had the same thought yeah. That's that's really works for the older. The older you get the more times you go through it just like you know. How many pets have you had. And how much did you love them. All the heavy at all they're gonna die or you're going to have to kill him. Yeah yeah for those who are unfamiliar. What my dad is referring to is. Yeah when you my theory that when you buy a dog all you're really doing is buying the worst day of your life but because at some point you're going to outlive your dog. And anybody who see marlene owned a dog knows how painful it is when you lose your dog but of course we all do it because owning a dog is amazing. Sure that dog goes you wait a new on exactly you know and that sort of what sports really is you get like i say like i'm i'm so old that i've been through. You know i was really sad when traded and this is my big bro. He was my yeah. He can't change your favorite player now. Now that life journey no but i love because i was a goalie ribs a birthday he gets traded. Well but that's i don't know how many freaking years that is sixty. You know sixty years ago so it never. I don't think liberally better easier. That's out appeal guards. Like yeah you great. And it's too bad but like that's the nature of the beast right. It is There's i've made reference to this moment. A number of times. But there's there's a moment in the series finale of the office Where where one of the characters looks at the camera and says you know. I wish you could recognize the good old days when they were happening right now. And you know one of the few things that..

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