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It's the latest When you need it on demand from Fox News and Amazon, Alexa President Trump caused a stir the day before Thanksgiving, pardoning Michael Flynn, his ex national security advisor and pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and the Russia probe. The president called a hoax Democrats called the Flynn Pardon corrupt. But Julian a sandwich took notice. Stella Morris sent a tweet to President Trump on Thanksgiving, pleading for a pardon for her partner. Wiki leaks founder Julian Massage, Morris posted a photo of their two young sons, saying they need their father, a Sasha's in a British prison as he waits to hear a judge's decision as to whether he could be sent to the U. S. The face espionage charges. The judge says she'll decide by January 4th Morris task The president, please bring him home by Christmas. A solid is facing charges connected to publishing secret U. S military documents. Massages. Lawyers say he's a journalist and should be protected by the First Amendment till NATO FOX News. Big layoffs are coming at Disney World Disney Company is laying off 32,000 employees the majority from the Parks division as the coronavirus lockdowns continued to increase across the country 28,000 employees Are out from its park division, then I before the Thanksgiving holiday, the company announced thousands of workers would lose their jobs in the first half of the new 2021 fiscal year. New layoffs come as executives slammed California officials for not allowing Disneyland to reopen the California Park has been closed. Since March. The company has reported a nearly $600 million loss for his fourth quarter. Meanwhile, Florida's Disney World re opened in July. Michelle Pelino Fox News on Wall Street stock futures are up modestly coming off the Thanksgiving holiday. There was pigskin on Turkey Day used to beat Detroit. 41 25 in Washington down Dallas, 41 16. Baltimore Pittsburgh game is postponed to Sunday because I was of a Ravens covert operations.

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