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The weekend whatever photographers or komo tv saw about ten southwest airlines flights are southwest airlines planes up everett's paine field which is an unusual place for them to be carries a vast connected and just in general where they do these inspections yeah they do them in several different locations in south west not giving a lot of details on exactly where they're doing it we know the biggest impact of the flights it's been in phoenix which is a big hub for south west dallas in chicago have also been feeling the impacts but that's just because they have most of those are they're they're big focus cities in south southwest relies on wouldn't be surprising if some of the inspections are being done there locally and and in other locations as well it doesn't take a huge amount of time to do them they use the ultrasonic equipment they scan the fan blades they look for any signs of metal fatigue and it only costs about one hundred seventy bucks per engine to do it so in the grand scheme of and airlines have to incur this is not a huge one even though they have a lot of airframes that they've got to do here of the engines on those airframes but it does take a little bit of time initially the thought was it could do him during the overnight hours doing when planes were coming in for service anyway but because they are now speeding up and the faa is mandating that these engines get inspected within the next twenty days that means speeding up the process now southwest also points out did they are inspecting engines on all of their seven thirty seven seven hundred and eight hundred series planes not just those fall under the faa guidelines the faa they're talking about the older engines with more than thirty thousand cycles on the cycle being a takeoff and landing the one that exploded last week was had forty thousand cycles on it so it's an older engine had a lot had some wear and tear on it but southwest is saying no matter the age if it's a seven hundred or eight hundred series playing they're inspecting the engines to make sure there's no metal fatigue is being of such key interested people up here because of boeing b a major employer in their baby their product they want.

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