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After that the one after. Can you promise at the president will tell the truth tonight? We'll tell the truth yesterday in can you promise that you will. The whole shit and nothing but the truth so help you God. Mention God you now. To make sure that goes viral. This is by the way, this time one of the only people around here leaving gives you the time of day and trimming it back in your face because you're such a smart most of the time. And I know you went to go viral a lot of these people don't like. I was reminded of an old Marlon Brando picture where Marlon Brando played secretly homosexual husband to Liz Taylor. And was Taylor said, how would you like like if a naked woman dragged you out into the street and beat you in public? That's what I was. Watching Kellyanne Conway slop slop around Jim Mukasa, but after all the panic and all this the press finally caved in and out of the mercy and goodness and generosity of their hearts allowed us to hear the words of the president of the United States, whom we had elected to lead the country. They thought we'd elected them. But in fact, we had elected the president and Trump was basically very calm, very direct and really fair. Let me let's just look at a little bit of the Trump's speech because it was just it was like nine minutes long. And he came out. He first of all he said there is a crisis at the board of this is cut three. This is a humanitarian crisis a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul last month twenty thousand migrant children were illegally brought into the United States a dramatic increase. These children are used as Uman pawns by vicious coyotes and ruthless gangs. One in three women are sexually assaulted on the dangerous trek up through Mexico. Women are children are the biggest victims by far of our broken cyst fizzes the tragic reality of a legal immigration on our southern border. This is the cycle of human suffering that I am determined to end. So just remember that because I'm gonna come back to it. That Trump said the crisis is and this is what's happening that now these families are coming over from Honduras from Central America, these broken countries and these family. Are coming over and the children are coming over and they're being abused. And they're being harmed. And they we don't have any place to put them and the children being separated from the parents. That's the crisis that he's talking about. That's why he says it's a crisis. He went on to talk about the the idea. See this is the other thing because the Democrats will not distinguish between legal immigrants who America has historically and continually welcomed an illegal immigrants who are by definition criminals. And he made this distinction this cut number one America proudly welcomes millions of lawful. Immigrants who enrich our society and contribute to our nation. But all Americans are hurt by uncontrolled illegal migration. It's strains public resources and drives down jobs in wages. Among those hardest. Hit are African Americans and Hispanic Americans. Our southern borders a pipeline for vast quantities of illegal drugs, including meth heroin cocaine. And feno every week. Three hundred of our citizens are killed by heroin alone. Ninety percent of which floods across from our southern border. More Americans will die from drugs this year than were killed in the entire Vietnam war. It's a problem..

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