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I don't need to send it to him. That is death of the show. If there's something you feel needs to be sent senate if you think that we've seen that you might be wrong. Is you listen to today's show. There's a two or three items that adam brought up. I knew nothing on so and if you if you do the subject line appropriately then. I probably won't have to open your your message if i already know what the story is but i usually do. Anyway let's just it's all work together. It's just a producer note towards getting so much email that you're in dated i. It's three times as much usually after all my filtering you know. I've got all filter out a lot of stuff. 'cause you moved no no. That's just the time line. that's just when i recognized. I think because of what the bull crap that's going on in the world this we have lawyers doctors lab technicians. We have a lot of people reaching out to us. We have very interesting. People who produce this this podcast. I need to read everything. They're saying but it. It just seems like it's more than knows. It is three times as much Sir duke sir. Marmaduke of japan. The japan sea all the disputed islands and the magic numbers of three thirty three thirty three good to hear from sir mark adamant john along with good times and good laughs. They have to be some sad times to. We are just in one of those moments dame astroid we all know. This is the famous Duo our producers from japan sir mark and day mastered dame astra just lost architects yes dame astronaut has just lost her wonderful father klaus thankfully she was with him in italy at the time as you can imagine he was a great man is going to be missed by many especially on lago. Majority wait was a sailing legend. And at the ferrari club which he drove to only a few weeks ago to watch an formula one race..

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