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Of a code as they give out all right all right all right. Maybe i'll maybe i'll do it. I signed up your code. Get like i any more than that. I use my code tier. Three noah fant dallas scattered. Tyler higby curious about all these guys. Teddy bridgewater the starting quarterback in denver announced today. What what does that mean. Joe for fans and the rest of the broncos pass catching. I think it means it's going to be more consistent and and you know we know what teddy bridgewater is probably a top thirty two quarterback but probably not in the in the area where a gene isn't looking to upgrade or him but i think he's somebody who can competently get the ball in the hands of receivers and remembering carolina. He supported three top. Twenty five fantasy wide receivers last year so no fan. I think's going to benefit from that. I think he's one of the top three targets here along with jerry. Judy who might love and courtly sutton this year of no advancement dealing with some injuries in training camp and still wanna see that level of consistency out of him. There are some questions about him. Which is why he's in this tier. He's vying for targets with judy sutton in k. J. hamblur and tim patrick and they're going to run the ball so you there's there's a level of concern there when it comes to dallas qatar. Zakar is still in philadelphia. That's the concern is zakar. It's wasn't wasn't in philadelphia. I'd have got her above logan. Thomas at that's where i had him earlier this off season but you have to adjust based on news or the lack thereof so unfortunately ross. that was. that was the problem with dow wisconsin. I think he's more talented than earth. At this point hurts has been looking for him in camp. But they're still the competition with zach. Ertz there tyler. Higby last year. One of the breakout. But he split snaps gerald everett. Gerald everett's gone. They add over one hundred and thirty targets combined magic stafford's in but they still viewed as a rotational player. They have bryson hopkins whom they drafted in the fourth round last year. Very clearly with the eye towards gerald everett moving on in the off season which happened then. They drafted jacob harris this season. So i still have questions on higby if you were to ask me who. I feel the best about from this year in terms of roll. It would be higby though. I just don't know how many targets he's gonna get how much bryson hopkins gonna play. How much jacob harris fly. So i know he's in your tier five or whatever but i really think irks looks good man. I mean when i had been eagles practices urges look good. He stayed after the walk through to catch extra balls. You look good in the first preseason game when he got time you know. I think he's a really interesting one. There's all that speculation. he's not gonna be there. I don't i mean. I kind of feel like it was going to happen. It would have already. But but dude. I'm telling you he. He looks good. He looks like the zach ertz. we knew from fifteen through nineteen. Or whatever. And i think..

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