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She's in the bullpen. Getting ready. He's got ice on the army's waving it in the air. Like you just don't care. He's got the winters. Business lunch. One of the say Good morning, Mary Vandevelde. I don't mean to put you on the spot, but you're in the traffic world right now. I don't know. I think she's actually talking to the news person her bob are chatting away right now. We'll get to marry and just a little bit. I was just trying to say hi to you, Mary Vandeveld. Sorry to put you on the spot there. She's still setting up. Look, I should have warned her ahead of time warming. Alright, she could. I should have told her and she got the headphones on. Hello? Sorry. No, I I shouldn't have just randomly called on you, Mary you were talking to someone was trying to do We're talking to Bob Kessler. What's going on? Not much. I just want to say hello. Oh, hi. How was how was your right on in, Mary? We'll look at it out there. No, it looks Yeah. Got big plans this weekend. Anything outside doing a little babysitting with my grand grand girls coming over. Nice. That'll be fun. Yeah. The reason I wanted you because I want you to play this game with me. Okay. Oh, boy. Yep. I'm terrible at the No. This is called, finished the headline. It's Oh, it's fun. It's easy. I'm going to give you not name a street downtown or something like that. Okay, good. Although we are always the victims of that. Yes, we are, You know, and I every week. I want to be like, just open my computer and cheat, but that would ruin the game. Well, Gucci because I have the book with all the names and you're like the rule keeper, right? Exactly the judge. My favorites are when we actually learned that there was a street name. We didn't realize And you have to remind everyone that in fact, there was a street name or wasn't my list is so old, that mistreat might be gone by now. I think she's playing the poodle game this afternoon. Good. We're all that's Yeah, exactly That one is always fun. Here's what we do. 312981 72 100. If you never heard me play this game, I'm going to give you kind of a quirky headline. A quirky news story and you need to finish it. Tell us what the cork is. 312 91 7200 and I love this prize. Because it's the W G N retro T shirt, which I posted myself wearing and anytime I'm out in public wearing that people want to know how they can get it. Well, guess what? This is how you get it. You play this game right now Go and call. And now, even if you don't know that the first clue yet, But 312981 72 100. Let's get some people on the line and ready to guess. All right. Is everyone ready to play Bob? You can play to their quirky news stories. But let's go out and fire things up and play finished the headlines a little background music for you. And away we go. Our first story comes from Worchester,.

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