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Wednesday October twenty eighth twenty twenty. Don't Tober. Kevin you get a gold star I wanted your host Greg. Miller alongside the road one Gary Widow Good Morning Greg. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm very well thank you. I, you we were talking about this woman before we went off air before we came on breaking news all this other stuff happening. have. You been kept aware have you been keeping ear to the ground? Gary of Kevin and his Golden Stars Yes. Because if you remember last week, I almost gave. Kevin a Goldstar. Then whatever it was to the last show that I was on. That's another mind old-style. Track Stars. I'm doing it right now they can't be done as the recipient of the Gold Stars Kevin. You don't get to decide how they are given out. Here's an interesting thing. The chat can't decide whether I've got enough gold stars or away. Yeah I see a lot of people in the shack going, he's done it and what is the Mubarak Command says the Moon, the Mubarak is the one we live by and. Says, you have twenty four. All. Yeah. Because nobody has now said, you hit twenty five, you hit twenty five ladies and Gentlemen Kevin had to get twenty five Gold Stars in the month of DOC Tober to get a pizza party he is officially done it he has twenty. In any for me. I think in easy anymore Gary now he's he's just. I'M NOT GONNA LIE IT IS MY personal goal to get one more Goldstar from today. Oh. The bonus I gotta you gotta come correct Kevin. Is your goal. You're no after a good style on this show you right. Hall. Scott. Is it. Because I now have to gain to stars to be up one because I'm down negative negative negative. Gary. Stars. Back to zero on ruining the moment for me. Ladies and gentlemen. This is kind of funny. Games daily today we're talking about a bunch of playstation five announcements a bunch of nintendo announcements, an halo infinite losing another top Bungie employees because this is kind of funny. Oh. Buddy three, four, three. Sorry that's the one that broke and that's what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to also requested thumb knows time Kevin you request. What let's figure out the headline because that's what I'm I'm stalling at right now as I want to, I gotta give me what I needed to be so they. Loses. A another leader. That's not good. That's not a good headline but that's what I'm putting in there and you can figure it out. Because this is kind of funny games daily each and every weekday variety of platforms. We run you through the.

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