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With a march, located in the West Bank south of Jerusalem, Bethlehem is the biblical birthplace of Jesus Christ. Every year, the town hosts thousands of tourists who visit the area's holy sites, and Adidas is sitting on a massive stockpile of yeezy shoes now that the company has cut ties with Kanye West. Trey Thomas has more. Adidas farted ways with the rapper after his recent anti semitic comments, leaving the shoe company with over half a $1 billion worth of yeezys to sell without the Kanye name. It's been confirmed Adidas plans to sell the unbranded shoes. The company is already preparing for its first unofficial yeezy release next month, the Adidas three 50 V two granite will drop in January and retail for $230. I'm Jim Forbes. West Point is removing a portrait and bust of Robert E. Lee from high profile spots around campus. The directives were part of a defense authorization bill in 2021 with an official saying the steps were part of a process to quote remove, rename, or modify assets at the United States military academy. The changes come after the large demand nationwide to remove confederate statues, busts and portraits in 2020, following George Floyd's killing by police. Former Republican candidate for governor Carrie Lake says, she will appeal a decision handed down by an Arizona judge Saturday, dismissing her election misconduct lawsuit. Julie Ryan has the very latest. The former TV news anchor alleged that election officials at Maricopa County had sabotaged her victory by causing printer malfunctions and violating chain of custody procedures, acclaimed Maricopa County judge Peter Thompson said the court could find no evidence of Lake took to Twitter to say that for the sake of restoring faith and honesty in elections, she would appeal the ruling. Lake lost to Democrat Katie Hobbs by around 17,000 votes. I'm Julie Ryan. Ukrainian president zelensky is condemning Russia after a deadly Christmas Eve missile strike on Saturday, Russia launched a series of strikes on the city of kirsan, killing at least ten people and injuring 55 others. President zelensky shared photos of the damage in cold Russia, quote, absolute evil. He said the areas hit were not military facilities and described the shelling as killing for the sake of intimidation and pleasure. And Samsung is recalling almost 640,000 washing machines, the recall involves 14 top loading models and is due to units that short circuit and overheat. Samsung said more than 50 reports have been received about the washers involving smoking, melting overheating, and catching on fire. I'm Jim Forbes. Now this Bloomberg sports update, the Giants found out just how hard it is to beat the Vikings in a close game. In fact, it's pretty much impossible. The Giants went toe to toe with Minnesota for four quarters, but in the end the Vikings got the last opportunity to score and Greg Joseph hit a 61 yard field goal as time expired final was 27 24. That denies the Giants from clinching a playoff spot on Saturday. So they're still in pretty good shape. They'll play Indianapolis on January 1st. That game is very winnable. It's what else happened around the Giants on Saturday that made them feel good because all the teams that are chasing them in the NFC playoff race took losses, starting with Seattle, the Seahawks lost on the road at Kansas City 24 to ten. Carolina put up a 37 23 win on the Lions and the commanders struggled to they go to San Francisco and get hammered 37 to 20 San Francisco has won 8 straight games. The game of the NFL weekend played out in Dallas on Saturday night and it was the cowboys and the eagles Philadelphia losing for just the second time this season. They lose 40 to 34 so the door is still open for the cowboys to possibly win the NFC east outright. The jets apparently set to move on from Zach Wilson after this season. That's the report from Jay glazer of Fox Sports. He says the Jets have lost confidence in Wilson. Basketball on Christmas Day for the Knicks. They're home against the Philadelphia 76ers. That game tips off at noon and the NHL schedule is off until Tuesday. The rangers and the islanders are both home. That's your Bloomberg sports update. I'm Dan gatow ski. This is a Bloomberg money minute, nearly three years after the pandemic began, almost a third of all workdays in the U.S. are done from home with many corporate employees typically working three days a week in the office to remotely and which days of the week people are choosing to stay home may surprise you. Interestingly, Monday Friday was dominating through much of 21 and 22. But in the last few months, Thursday, Friday started to pick up. Why I don't know, but somehow now Thursdays are the new Monday. That's professor Nick bloom of Stanford University and expert in remote work patterns. He says even if Thursday has become the new Monday, it's still four days in a row at home, and that remote working is here to stay. There is a permanent new world. This is in many ways only the beginning. We see the technology supporting working from home continues to improve better video links, better software better hardware

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