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Tom. Wrestling co host Bobby Heenan, what did you like better gorilla? I'm Bobby ORR gorilla and Jesse take grill and Bobby everyday twice on Sunday. They. Had a genuine love for one another Bobby so grey and monsoon it was it was easy in monsoon took that stereotypical baby. Face play by play role in Bobby took to that weasel. They were just great fodder for one another and nobody ever took anything personal. They never rehearsed a thing. It was just like, okay. What do you won't talk about? I don't know. What do you wanna talk about? And they would go. It was kind of like you. And I we don't talk about ship before we go on the air. We just go. That's the way that the grill and Bobby were I would give them a run sheet. I would give them ideas. Here's what we're going into what we're coming out of hit this hit that they figured out everything else. So as far as producing gorilla and Bobby day off is all had to do was format. I didn't really have to produce them that much. Let's talk a little bit about you know, what changed if anything between. Guerillas relationship with vents as time went on was he, you know, people often talk about the undertake your lie. He sort of the locker room later was guerrilla sort of. I don't know a Lieutenant or was he more one of the boys and did that ever change. Well, when Vince started his expansion guerrilla a lot of times was the first guy that he would send in if there was ever any thought of this may go awry or somebody may want to not do business or it could be iffy. You sent monsoon it was no nonsense. He would take care of whatever problem that there was and there would never really be an issue. So there was a huge trust factor there with Vincent gorilla in that. He was very comfortable with monsoon being that guy and being the face of the company a lot of times out on the road and monsoon didn't take shit from anybody. And I don't know that anybody ever ever would have even considered trying him either. But he had that reputation h just had that presence. You know, what I mean, you know, he walks into a room he owned the room. And there was a respect there that no. One. I never saw anybody disrespect on soon or be an asshole to him in in any way, shape or form. He just command that kind of respect with people, and he did it in a classy way by showing respect to people. Can you give me an example of guerrillas leadership? Well, I think that the. Boy the best way to do. It is when grill came down for Houston. The first time that I worked with guerrilla, okay grill. Vincent guerrilla down to check out. What we had there in Houston and give his report in his suggestions. So monsoon knew that I was the liaison and we worked together. But when it came time for even even Paul Bosch. When it came time for that show monsoon just took over in a way that nobody was going to dispute it Randy savage, one of the funniest things. Randy savage was working with honky tonk, man and monsoon is laying out the match and it wasn't well by blow. But he he says it goes, Iran. He goes, then you make your comeback. Why don't you hit him with a couple of drop kicks and savage is gonna happen. I don't drop kick a hit him with the no bones. Great. Randy. You do what you you know? But it was monsoon just took over. So you think about that?.

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