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What it comes to the temperature follow the bouncing ball today it is now forty degrees in boston about a half hour ago was in the fifties good afternoon i'm jeff brown here's what were watching in the wbz newsroom as you make your way home a witness says the 15yearold students who opened fire inside a kentucky high school knew what he was doing the shooter now in custody to students dead seventeen others wounded president trump apparently is not worried that attorney general jeff sessions was interviewed last week by investigators of the special counsel looking into russian meddling in sued the presidential election and governor charlie baker says he'll talk about his successes over the last couple of years and look ahead during his state of the commonwealth address tonight the us says syria has used chemical weapons on its citizens once again this time in rebelheld eastern gouda cbs news foreign affairs analyst pamela falk is at the united nations mercer quo an open un security council meeting on syrian chemical weapons for tuesday afternoon where there is likely to be a contentious debate on the most recent reported chlorine gas attack the turkish military operations in offering as well as fingerpointing on russia's rejection of extending the mandate of inspectors us ambassador nikki haley says the united states will continue to pursue accountability for chemical weapons attacks through the security council ends other bodies the taliban dan says five of its members met with pakistani officials to discuss ways of ending the war in neighboring afghanistan pakistan under mounting pressure from the united states to cut ties with the militants earlier this month washington suspended hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid accusing pakistan of giving sanctuary to taliban insurgents the taliban just this week claimed responsibility for an attack on a hotel in kabul that killed 22 despite an early morning scare seismologists now say a seven point nine magnitude earthquake that shook off the coast of alaska did not actually pose a big risk of forest sunam account tech tom heaton the director of the earthquake engineering research labs as it turned out the alaskan earthquake was not a type that would typically produce a large soon nami it's where we call strikes slips oh it's seems to be a vertical fall in one side is moving laterally past the other he says that type.

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