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And that's kind of what are the French plasma signs that, you know, something something is going to be lost that they won't be able to replicate through, you know, through not having the home and away ties throughout the whole year and having a neutral venue for a fine. Oh, it just will be different. My feeling is that. It probably probably didn't change. Yeah. But I'm not sure what needs to be quite so radical they had tried to push through less radical changes without any success of maybe that was why they went so radical to try and to try and just Jiang something. But it does feel like it's lost a little bit of its essence. I do agree with the French players when they say that marrying Shelley made an interesting point about, you know, one of the benefits of is is the fact that a lot more money now will be hopefully going to the smaller federations. And you know, Yannick Noah has experienced the best of the Davis Cup rarely he he doesn't know what it's like for some of those smaller nations, necessarily, so hopefully now with the investment, you can help small the nations and put it into junior tennis, and all that side of it, which makes the IT episode of pushing this good thing, and hopefully it will be hopefully, the money does get that. But you know, the other side of it is when you are at a tie like the one we've just had you know, which one go down as I- spectacular. Davis Cup tie. You know, that was probation with dominant in the singles it wasn't. It wasn't a sort of an all time classic the doubles as I said yesterday was fantastic. But even so it felt, you know, just like everyone they're cared about it and. For that weekend. It was a special weekend. And. That to me it felt when you're there fairly healthy. But oversee there's all the other sort of things that go with it. You know, the fact that it wasn't on TV in the UK and the top players have chosen to play, and then kind of move on from it and all the various other issues. So you know, I feel conflicted about it. That was a sadness today leaving the stadium having that it won't be like that again. But equally I am also intrigued to see how this new place out. Very well said both my view, I'm also conflicted. I what I would say before I give my own personal view is is just the I think we can get a little bit lost in the seductive words of Janik. No and all the French team and partly because they're so passionate. They they mean it so much they they're in love with the divest Cup. And I don't want it to change. And I have such a lot of respect for that. Because they brought so much to it. I feel similarly when I listened to lighten Hewitt talk from an Australia perspective. These people are always have had their hand up. They have every right to give their view because they've given everything of themselves to this competition and said that they have all the credibility in the Bank as a result of that having said, which does Myron Chile ch and he came on the tennis podcast in February and said, he thinks these plans are very good plans. And they're a good idea..

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