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Shut down. This is because of sewer work until the end of the year. And a woodland South bound five. The Vietnam Veterans rest area is shut down until December. 1st Alden Jacob News 93.1 KFBK Now Sacramento weather Under clear skies early this morning. Breezy lows between 45 49 windy later today and tomorrow with lots of sun. The gusty winds in excess of dry weather will result in a high fire threat highs today 74 to 78. Guys tomorrow between 77 81 I'm active weather meteorologist. Car Bobinsky news. 93.1 kfbk Way, saved serious cash with our progressive home and auto model and used the money to buy a new boat already water. This is not a really testimonials. Sure customers can save big money with progressive but not enough for a new boat. They'll probably spent it on brand or guess money. Or maybe one of those little plastic waiting pools for the yard is what the captain might say on the toy boat in your waiting pool. Casualty insurance company millions. How do you crack into a tub of Magnum ice cream, Double sea salt caramel with pleasure. Crack the rich outer shell to find caramel sauce and pieces of milk chocolate swirled in vanilla ice cream Tap to by now. Exports. Our exports are we're talking prediction for MVP this year. Go ahead and call it a shack. My money's on the absent Niki. Tank killer printers. Dude, It doesn't use cartridges and comes with a ridiculous amount of.

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