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Wanna be sure for slide that in that's definitely how white that's what he used the capitol for for really but when he purchased georgia championship wrestling with the get the time slot on tbs so he could increase his his audience on cable all these other territories right and i know the story is stories i know he put everything he had inter wrestlemanias wrestlemanias abbas he went belly up at that point so i guess it does make sense of that money really wentz wrestlemainia because if you sold it then that's that's what he needed to put on that big show and that might have been all he had after he brought that i'm sure he's still had more money oh yeah 'cause they were in you know in the business for a long time but he did have the buys that out so i don't know if that matters so much backlash from being on tnt she just that southern audience did not wanna see that type of wrestling so i mean ratings were horrible in turner was putting on other southern promotions on the network that were getting higher ratings and the wwf w f so one one last question their hold on hold on what you're actual news story what's the headline years is black saturday it's the the purchase of georgia championship wrestling vince mcmahon showing up on world championship wrestling for the first time in announcing they will be on slot so this is an event that has to lean into another event that's delete into another it started a chain reaction that were still feeling today because of course what's happening now eight w starting where back on tnt ted turner back in the wrestling business right back at it yeah and you're you're other story was that that was really shit ganja cares about happy days by nineteen for i i've even though he's on tv anymore and it's all right so you have one absolute gem and trash and then joe is coming at me with a good good i'm half they give it tonight to be just as he has the to a fair enough you know if you come out there was one other thing because there's just too many events that g c w thing to make it as monumental set up russell me one it does make sense and it is is a slow going on today with w come back and everything come back tnt but cannot give it up to the hubris of vince mcmahon who basically did the exact same thing when he by w c w he when he showed up on their show and said hey why now yeah and then that that worked out is about and they're wrestling once this shit for the last twenty years in ages posted twenty years all right joe you take control of the board all writing the next category man are we still in the one point three million to two now this is our last one point all righty 'em let us i'm gonna go ahead and we're gonna go into the hot products what's dependence on hot product we do.

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