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Fairness. So in this next story, You're in class Biko's bottles around the room, and there are a few kids at the back making it dire Rama ocean, French Shoans pulled out his mobile phone into class, and he's playing the super cool you strategy game. We have to kingdoms and use much wolves an elves and there are massive battles. Goblins Carl focus besides this game does not sound class-related, Right? Sorry. But the thing is you have a super strict science teacher, Mr Garcia. If anyone is quote using a cell phone in my class on confiscated, We were always also be known to put whole classes in detention. Sometimes you will have the privilege of spending two weeks worth of recess with may in detention. You remember this when you see your classmates Sean playing on his phone? Okay, I could conquer easy thing again. So how whisper to impel Sean put the phone away to get this far? Yes implied Sean, you're going gonna get his own children with size this way. More poised. Last level view games is not your life. What was that? Was that. You're in big trouble Neverland. Just not what you're doing. You know? Just this morning, I Tony moment. If you took on in my class somewhat Reading has ignored. So your friend Sean thinks he's gotten away with it, And it looks like you with the only one who noticed it was him playing on the fine. He was breaking the rules at just doesn't seem fair. Grains trust Rainsberger lanes change trains does I leaned trash?

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