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I like what they make. Plenty headlines for most obituaries eric more or like princess di more like princess dead died <hes> so we're talking about the people that you've named have we asked to go on tour and they told us a fucking but which to find out i ah so a restaurant is del taco. We haven't reviewed del taco one of my personal favorites since two thousand fifteen with our buddy. Alan yang was a semi-finalist in this year's tournament champions but had an underwhelming performance. The team was founded in nineteen sixty four in california's inland empire. I doubt in the mojave desert and they in two thousand eighteen gene they launched their beyond menu nationwide and twenty nine thousand nine hundred as nationwide is del taco is gonna tacos and burritos with the plant based go. I can't i i. I was bored by what you were saying so i was trying to get points has trying to shock himself the ox graham trying to do it again. That's not working. I just want to say that nick. I was in the mojave desert. Yeah shooting a little thing for these guys nick exxon out in the wild tarantula on iraq. Wow oh yeah legged free eight legged freak out in the wild. Isn't that wild what did you do. That's crazy. Thank you. Thank you you up from me but i agree. That's raising raising wait. So what is the boy yet another acting job look at you the over the place <hes> this was a decade ago. Still it's work. It's too there is a huge insect. Crawling up song today was walking out of the starbucks to meet yes. I was like swiping his chest to get the the bugs off of him was the was the bug had the bug lifted him into the air. What kind of insect docking i. I don't know anton steroids passive a big ass aunt you guys ever see how centipede no fucking nightmare nightmare creature ears for a little bit like that. It's called us on his plugging his ears. I don't like that. It's called the house set of. It's like a fire mind. Nasty ass ask bug. It looks like he's got like just awful like disgusting clause. You can say oh god it was in the fa. Are they found in houses. You'll find them in your house. I think they're less common in north america or at least where at least in cavalry but we did find one once we found one may analogy enrolled shitty apartment and we fucking fucking like clobbered it with a shoe and pull all the shoe way from the wall. It was still alive shit book you know it's like fucking famously armored armadillo shot with a gun ah but yeah it was a fucking took their scariest shit. I think they're actually harmless but they look like fucking freak six. Oh outside well we time we just saw this and we're like elect freaked out but yeah i try not to kill. Nobody cool. Show wet bug battle. You put two the bugs up against each other middle school right. They do kinda like there are youtube videos. You'll see that they'll put like a like a hornets sir like a dead dead and that the dead insect. I don't know maybe people don't but bug. Battle is a fun show. I think people would be upset. Even though that people we'll swat away a fly very casually i think they'd be upset by it being gladiatorial combat <hes> again so i think you could get away with that. A harmless way to do this is to play pokemon. Go go that's true. This isn't even harmless emotion right. It's i'm four years late to the bandwagon but it's really really fun. The new among the new nintendo switch comes..

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