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Yes we are in the zeitgeist. We didn't mean to be. We stumbled into relevancy. We didn't realize that last week the election would be a week. No we thought it'd be done. We did yes as did the rest of the world. but now we're gonna talk about buffy. Yes see so buffy Of course it was a long running. Tv show started in ninety seven Ended in two thousand three So they're seven seasons and Then it actually continued With a lot of the same writers into the comic book so there was like several seasons but then the comic book as well But we're mainly just talking about the tv show. There's also a movie that came before all this. We're gonna talk about that. no it was. I did enjoy that movie back when it like. I did see it back in the day. Seen the movie really I it does not even begin compete with the series like before i had seen the series i saw the movie and thought this is kind of cool and then i saw the series i was like. Oh well okay. Yeah this is better. I guess if for some reason somebody doesn't know what buffy the vampire slayer is about. It's all right there. The title really is a girl in buffy. The vampire slayer And she's also a teen yes and she just wants a normal teen life but she was born this layer. So there's nothing that can be about that. But the thing that sets her apart from other slayers that makes her basically live log outlive. A lot of other slayers is that she has friends and friends and family are very core theme of the show. That you know. She's got people in her life. That pretend her she. She also accidentally moves to the hell mouth. Yes which is a good plot driver for the show. They're now wait help me understand. I don't remember if they address. This is there just one hell mouth on earth or they're multiple is sunny. Dale the only how. No i don't think so. I don't remember remember gets and the helm out. I don't think the house so she moved to one of them. Yeah inadvertently and then makes you know a lot of trouble for those vampires and demons. Yeah i guess a hell for using lot out and draw a lot close to it. Yeah I you know it's funny. I didn't watch buffy. I was thinking about like win. Was i wanted. I i start watching it. I didn't watch it when it was first on I like would watch it sometimes. Which is weird for me to remember that there was a time in my life. It was pre justin time when i would watch. Tv shows just if they came on out of order and skipping episodes like oh buffy is on. I'll watch it and see what's up with buffy having missed like several of the previous episodes and not even consider like. Why don't i missed. Some are would know what was going on like it never occurred to me like you should watch a show in order and not miss episodes and all that kind of stuff So i kind of watched at that way. Does anyone do that anymore i. I can't imagine that it happens that often someone does like..

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