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Impossible for one of those streaks to come to an end. In 28 days. To me, the more likely race to give us the winner of The Kentucky Derby. Is the bluegrass if you're going to compare the bluegrass in the wood and you're going to look at the horses competing in those two races later today. Because I think tap it twice. Who is the 5 to two morning line favorite in today's bluegrass at kingland? I think tap it trice is legit. I know he comes from far back and he's going to have to weave through traffic and all those things that usually aren't the formula for winning The Kentucky Derby. And I'm not saying he's going to win The Kentucky Derby. But I'm saying if it's going to happen from one of these two races this year, which I don't think is the wildest stab in the world I certainly think tap it trice has to be on your tickets. First of all, he's been highly regarded. Ever since he was a baby, he was a $1.3 million. Yearling. By tap it out of a Dunkirk mayor. Distance won't be an issue. And he certainly, after he won the Tampa Bay Derby, and even before when Todd pletcher joined me before that win, he talked about tappet trice wanting to run all day long. And having the look of a Belmont stakes type of horse. He's believed that the further they go, the better the horse is going to be. And arguably, the best race of his career came last time out in the Tampa Bay Derby, although his allowance went to Gulfstream before that was pretty good too. He's really blossomed as a three year old. And today, I don't think the inside post position really hurts him all that much, because he's going to drop out a little bit. He's going to sit back. So it's not like he has to break well and get a good position. And he's not a speed horse where if he doesn't break well, he's going to get caught in behind. Getting caught in behind horses for tap at price is no big deal. He's going to sit back, he's going to make that late run and Louis say as good as they get in the sport. We'll be at the controls. He should be able to work out a good trip. Even from the inside post would tap a try. So I think if you're looking at the two races and saying which one is going to end those lengthy droughts this year in The Kentucky Derby, potentially, because of tappet price, I think the bluegrass gets the edge. Hit show, the 5 to two morning line favorite in the wood memorial. He's pretty good. He's won three of four starts. Now today, no bargain. He draws post number 13, the far outside post in that field. So he's got to prove that he can overcome that outside draw. But if he does, doesn't that kind of elevate his status in your mind? I think it does. He will then be four for 5 coming into The Kentucky Derby. He'll enter on a three race win streak. And I'll pair up back to back greatest takes wins. If he wins the wood today, because he won the withers last time. Grade three. Now we win the grade two withers, are the grade two wood. Any pair up back to back. I think hit show is pretty good. Now, I question whether he's fast enough, he certainly has the pedigree to go a mile and a quarter being by candy right out of a tap at mayor. I don't worry about that. But I do question whether he's fast enough with some of these other horses. But let's face it. If you take out the top two in this year's Derby picture, forte and angel of empire who, by the way, great races from both of those horses last week, hard to differentiate which one was more impressive. They are both impressive for different reasons. But those are the two horses right now, they're gonna get most of the attention. If you take out those two, it is wide open behind them. So del Roman said on this show last week when he talked about running cyclone mischief against forte, again, in the Florida Derby last weekend, which by the way, cyclone mischief a very gutsy third. In that race, that'll put him on track to go to The Kentucky Derby. But Dale said on the show, you never duck one horse. Now, assuming that all things stay on track for forte and angel vampire, those are two pretty good horses in The Kentucky Derby. But I would go so far as to say, you never duck two horses. Because anything can happen. Anything can happen in a 20 horse Kentucky Derby field. It's a mile and a quarter. That changes the game completely. So yeah, I don't think it's the worst stab in the world to say. That one of those two streaks, either the blue grass, or the wood memorial, can come to an end in 28 days. Certainly can. But I think the more likely is tap it tries coming out of the bluegrass and winning The Kentucky Derby. Poll questions today. With those three Derby prep races. Who's your pick to win the wood memorial at aqueduct? Hit show dream like, slip Mahoney, or other, if you choose other, comment, let me know. Who's your pick to win the Toyota bluegrass at Keenan? Tap it trace. Verifying, raise cane. Those are the three horses expected to take most of the play or other. Again, comment if you choose other, let me know who you think pulls off a bit of an upset. And who's your pick to win the Santa Anita Derby? Practical move the favorite, go rocket ride, that's my pick, by the way, getting my vote. National treasure or other.

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