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So about the Super Bowl on your phone just I was just charging your phone for my Super Bowl. There's something on your screen savers picture on, we're not know. Now we're not going nowhere. A ravens logo. It's a self centered thing about me, which I refused. I will not share. Okay, I get it. I get it. So do you guys know that I have a connection to the NFL. I don't think you're, you know this. I'm the creator of Sunday ticket. Yes, we are wear that love Sunday ticket, which was a lot of fun when we rolled that John. When did you win with that idea? Come about it was around ninety five and then give me a year either way. Jack was ninety five and actually it's a fun story. I'll tell you real quick company called COMSAT comes up to me and we had one sports bar operator of the year and did a lot of consulting the industry. And they said, we want you to do these ability study on out of market programming. So I could buy the bear signal in Miami or I could buy this is just one game. So you get the local coach show and that will go game and you'd pay for that signal. So we did a feasability study and did all the economics and what bars could pay for commercializes and stuff. We did this one hundred page documents and gave it to them got paid. Then it came back to us and they said, this is great. Give us another document that tells us, what does it have to do in in a bar restaurant to be. Tesla. So we've did marketing manuals and ads slicks, and all the systems and everything to promote. It sold that to them and gave them that document. And it gave us a third document to do which was defined all the chain restaurants in the world and companies that would buy it. So we did that today took my three documents and while we were writing, third one compression happened, which changed world satellite dishes to get all seven games, which I believe at the time there was seven games broadcast at a once. So in order to get all seven games, you needed seven of those huge analogue satellite dishes. Remember those with the whole thing was so when compression happened, you could pull multiple games down on one dish. It was a big deal. Sukom sat took my work to the NFL said, this is great. We wanna license at the NFL said, this is great. Let's do it ourselves and put me on the board of the NFL advise report of NFL enterprises which you guys knows a commercial side of the NFL. And then I, I was on that for three years in and we worked in a system with the roll out of Sunday ticket. That's why take credit with creating it, but I don't take credit with inventing to supremacist out of market sports programming pre existed, but it's such an ecosystem onnell that all other weeks used to this very day changed the way we watched federal sports. I mean, now you condense it out to the red zone channel for some people don't actually do the ticket, but for years we all want to watch our out of market games. If you move their fans from every team all over the country that literally changed how we watched professional sports was the Sunday ticket. It was one of the great things that happen to sports fans like the mega March madness package that predates now CBS having Turner partnered for all the games. All my friends come to my house for basketball tournament because I had bought the March madness package change how you viewed sports direct TV and I was I was in on it from the ground floor as an NFL player the you could..

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