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I'm rich trophy. Nikkei Asia sources say Nintendo expects switch sales to decrease 10% from its fiscal 2021 estimated at around 20 million units in 2022. Demand for the console remains solid, but semiconductor shortage and logistics disruptions have hampered production. Switch sales peaked in Nintendo's fiscal 2020 with 28.83 million units. The European Commission charged apple with abusing its dominant market position with Apple Pay, taking issue with Apple preventing other mobile wallet app developers from accessing NFC and other relevant hardware. If found guilty, applewood phase of fine linked to how much it charges for its mobile wallet services. Intel CEO pat gelsinger said the company believes the ongoing semiconductor shortage will drift into 2024. Intel previously estimated the shortage would ease next year, but gelsinger said the shortages have impacted chip making equipment, making ramping up new factories more challenging. The video electronics standards association or Visa announced new performance standards for variable refresh rate displays. Visa added the adaptive sync specification for variable refresh rate capabilities in DisplayPort monitors back in 2014. These new standards are meant to certify a monitor proficiency implements it. The adaptive sync standard is meant for high end gaming displays while the media sync standard has lower tolerances for media consumption. Apple published a developer update clarifying its policy on removing outdated apps. Apple remove apps that have not been updated in three years and which have not been downloaded at all or extremely few times during a rolling 12 month period. Apple will email developers about apps facing removal, giving them 90 days to update the app or appeal the decision. 9 to 5 Google sources say the upcoming Google pixel watch will contain a 300 milliamp hour battery and will include models with cellular connectivity. 9 to 5 Google node Samsung's galaxy watch four includes a 247 milliamp hour battery, and is quoted with a 40 hour runtime using wear OS three. LEGO CEO nels Christensen said the company plans to triple its number of software engineers to 1800 and increased software investments to several hundreds of billions of dollars. The company said one possibility with this increased investment could be to start building our own games. The Wall Street Journal sources say that from 2017 through 2020, precise location data on millions of grindr users were collected from a digital ad network and offered for sale. This data did not include personal information like names or phone numbers. Grindr cut off the flow of location data to add networks in 2020, but historical data may still be obtainable. The Spanish government announced that mobile phones belonging to prime minister Pedro Sanchez and defense minister margarita robles were both infected in mid 2021 with NSO group's Pegasus surveillance software. Last month, citizen lab reported that dozens of pro independence catalent figures in Spain were targeted with Pegasus software as well. And as though maintains Pegasus is used by foreign government clients to target serious criminals. During its earnings call, Qualcomm's CEO christiane almond said the company expects arm based Windows laptops using technology from the company nu via in retail channels by late 2023. Former Apple SOC engineers founded Nubia to build arm based server chips and Qualcomm acquired the company in early 2021..

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