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Are officially eighteen days away from the start. a miami. dolphins traded kip. And there's not a whole lot to talk about so we thought it'd be the perfect time to bring you a finsider book club on the only human in the world that can make ray. Kwan davis look keen grant the six foot five two hundred and sixty pound monster from the u. jalen phillips but before we get into all that you are listening to finsider radio espy. Nation's number one. Miami dolphins podcast. This is the jason josh show. And if i'm josh. How's that means i'm joined by the one. The only jake mental. Please follow on twitter at j. m. e. n. d. ninety four jake. How's it going today. Man should fit a little while. And you know. I gotta start by saying your hundred percent right. There's not a lot happening in the world of football we kinda into the ad it over the last couple of weeks Pushing out those podcasts. But year we are you mentioned eighteen days away end up before we get into jalen phelps who i gotta say is an incredible story. And they're excited to talk about mining second first round pick in the two thousand twenty one annabel draft. I i gotta give a shout out to everyone listening to this podcast because you hit me with some pretty interesting news last night. That that Inside radio finished inside the top ten in terms of sp nations podcasts. That means a lot for us just to kind of see. That growing means a lot for you guys to listen because clearly You know it's it's you guys. You guys are the community that makes us show really pick so thank you for that and the fact that it's happening in the middle of offseason season makes it that much more special. I guess that's the probably the best way to put it. So you guys so much for listening. We love doing this and we wouldn't be able to do it without you. Guys we love giving is a place to come in and talk about the dolphins football hopefully in them differently than you used to. You know. I'm gonna say cookie more times but simply thank you. Thank you all. I mean just to echo what jake said. I mean without you guys. There is no us and you know like you said. I mean to be a top ten. Nfl podcast in the dead heat of the season. I mean that's huge so we're going to keep grinding and like we said we're bring you one of our favorite draft picks at this draft jalen phillips today and just so let. Let's get right into it here. Because i think it's so incredible to talk about timing right. And that the dolphins selected jalen phillips the first defensive end pegging him the two thousand twenty one jet right around with the dolphins selected. Charles hairs and i have to say that the tone around these two guys just coming into college. And i don't want to turn into a child's hairs bashing party but it's just we have context of defensive end who has taken by the dolphins in the first round and i gotta say man the tone simply the tone around. These guys are just in completely different fears. Simply i remember you know charles. Has your number one. It was it was the spin. Move right he really enjoyed his spin move. He's really good at it but going into the second year it was like all right. How's he going to build on those tools thirty house. He got a bill tools and he was never really able to answer those questions. Where on the other end man. I got to tell you watching. Some tape of jalen phillips. This is a guy who carries his toolbox that the everywhere he goes. This is a clear that can do so many different things. And here's a great player. Who could be a potential defensive rookie of the year. Just based on his physical Abilities alone before we get into a story. I just kind of want to summarize him on the field in high school and college adds that madden crater player. That you've made where you make him. You know that six five six six guy who just doesn't look like he belongs on the field because he just sticks out his this. You know video game like character. That's like watching. Jalen phillips play football both in college and in high school because this is just a freak of nature in terms of his athletic ability. We know he can do in. Terms of the tryouts. Ib crushed his predrag. Workouts has numbers. Are off the charts. So is a guy josh. I mean you don't have to watch football too long to really have someone like phillips up really pop out right and you need to bring up trolls hairs but i mean was that not the last first round you know pass rush the dolphins invested in but compete more night and damn and you mentioned it. He does look like that. Create a player. I mean you saw the pictures. I'm working out. I mean he looks like he's built in a lab and then you saw him the other day when the dolphins released his uniform. He's wearing that visor. I mean he legitimately looks like that. Create a player that you made it then. Game the number fifteen but You know the biggest thing surrounding him. And i mean we'll talk about his past. Is you know the injury concerns. And we know what happened to him at. Ucla caused him to retire. You end up transferred to miami and ended up actually enrolling into their music. I believe in. I made a joke about things. Bleacher report they post an article. You know one of the dolphins players that could be the biggest bus this year and put jalen phillips. And i made a joke. Maybe they're watching his two thousand nineteen music tape. Maybe they saw what he was doing music school because he didn't play that year and that was really the only bad tape that you could honestly find him because he didn't play so this is a player that you know. We talked about imperious targets. He kind of like that. The child of jason taylor and zach thomas that we always thought we might have and to see what he's going to do in this defense you know to be that added presence. At to be completely honest. Dolphins had truly lacked. They're coming off the edge. I mean you heard the comparisons to chase young and some of those other prolific passers. I mean this is one of those big time players in. I'm excited for him as anyone as. Let's get right into it before we talk about what he can. Bring to the miami dolphins. I think it is important to talk a little bit about that story. And josh mccown a couple of things you said that i really think highlighted his path year to the nfl. We bring up this comparisons right. You know. I keep going back to kristen saying he'd put him. You know one. A and one b with case young if this was last year draft. So why did he fall eighteen. You know dolphins got their pig all your letter with the best pass. Rusher in the decker who they believe is the best pass rusher. Who's the first one taken off the board. And you wonder okay how he dropped so low that the dolphins get this big of a steel. Where's the risk and it is injuries short and sweet injuries. He started suffering head injuries at the age of seven and would be eventually told the walk away from football. He started receiving the offers as a software in high school by the time that was overdose. He had twenty seven scholarships offers. Ed this is. This is a level of little belt. I found that he was third in the two thousand seventeen. Espn top three hundred. He was very coming out of high school. I say a wilson was number two and that goes to show that these things are pretty interesting for context and you can see that trajectory but it's not necessarily a bible in terms of you know someone so great in high school. They're going to be so great in college than so great in that. It's not necessarily that simple from fish. Yeah and it's just a shame that we're missing out in those training camp that we can overreact over. You know isaiah wilson going going against the jalen. Phyllis but i mean that's crazy. Man just speaks on the volume. Just how explosive playmaker is. i mean. you mentioned twenty-seven seven scholarship offers. I mean that's more than i've ever had more to be completely honest. So the talent was there. He produced when he was on the field issue. Was these concussions..

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