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Kenwood and thank you for tuning in on this Sunday afternoon as the Bearcats look for their seventeen win of the season and look to enhance their NC a a tournament resume let's be honest about it with Cincinnati is looking to do today is to avoid what's known as a bad loss yeah you can have let downs and I think that when you talk about the preparation of the staff they went over everything and no stone was left on turning to make sure they have the attention of the state photos very interesting to hear your pre game conversation with assistant coach Jason G. when he talked about with Cincinnati it differently going into this game from any other game they played this season normally after a game the first thing they do the next day is to look back at that game and try to pick apart the things they did well forget poorly this time they didn't even look back at Thursday night's game against Memphis they immediately turned their attention east Carolina to emphasize we have to go on the road and take care of business this week sometimes you know you can get full yourself you know you could start smelling yourself looking in the mirror Pat yourself on the back dramatic winds of the ones that stick which is the most and you want to hold that feeling and they said alright let's transfer that energy into what we have to do going on the road and the talent to do with not having success we want to make sure it stays that way taking a look at the latest and see a net rankings the wreck of the rankings that are used by the selection committee a month from today on selection Sunday Cincinnati currently number forty eight in the country east Carolina on the other hand number two twelve out of three hundred fifty three E. C. U. is the lowest ranked team in the American athletic conference in terms of the nets even though they have two more wins in league play over to lane and swept to lay in head to head with a two lane has a better non conference schedule and results and I conference portion of the schedule so as a result the SI you ranked last among the teams in the American yes you heard earlier on Bruce were already on if Americans Levin seat right now can't afford to have slip ups we have fully opportunities going forward to increase that margin of percent recommend ranking we're going to be eating starts right now Cincinnati lost here in Greenville last year that was the only meeting between the two teams a year ago and and why did the Bearcats lose that game well they couldn't hit the side of a barn with their shots they were three for nineteen from three point range a whopping sixteen percent they were eight for eighteen from the free throw line forty four percent you shoot like that you want a losing by two hopefully we should a little better today and what can help is getting to the free throw line in this that was you know rhythm you know drawn files in the early which doesn't seem like anything when you take the ball out on the side but they couldn't Rossum interior files and make the guys will small well it is autism awareness day here at ABC ill and the pirates are wearing special uniforms with puzzle pieces on them reflecting the complexity of the autism spectrum that autism awareness puzzle piece Basil Ron Grover set to toss the.

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