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Jon stewart back with the tom shilue show big news today was expected but the big news today is the republicans have passed a tax bill not unanimously a bunch of people dana rohrabacher california darrell eissa or easa california a north carolina new jersey new jersey new jersey all three guys from new jersey four furling house and from new jersey and then new york a four guys from new york fasso donovan peter king and zeldin so the big states the big hightech states route because it's a little bit of a knock to the big states this tax bill and i think that might not be a bad thing i'm in new york guys so i'm not going to be able to deduct as much as i used to so it might whack me but you know why blame i blame the democrat legislatures that are control of these big states look at all the states that are against his tax bill they're all democrat states there from republicans i mean all the democrats voted against the bill but out of the republicans who voted 'no they're all in democrat states except one walter be jones in north carolina hm wonder what his reason was maybe they have maybe it's high tech state but this is too it is now time for republicans in those states to give grief to their own states california.

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