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Motor oil o'reilly at auto parts syntec is designed for today's engines to dissipate heat and reduce friction and wear get five quarts of syntec full synthetic in a micro guard select oil filter for just thirty three ninety nine plus two times rewards points limits apply to syntec exclusively at o'reilly auto parts o'reilly auto parts which local barbecue will be the winner we'll take first place for the best place to grab a drink help support local restaurants vote for your favorites today with a wtop top ten contest visit wtop dot news it's six fifty one the dc black film festival returns to barracks row in southeast this weekend the seventh annual event celebrates movies by or about people of african descent think is going to be like one of their fate and collectively dc come down and represent that it's going to be allowed in the theater and it's going to be packed it's going to be fun founder kevin samson invites you to watch a chocolate lens stephen cummings takes a photographic journey through a disappearing black washington that gentrification overtime you'll also see outside line it focuses on raja karuth who is one of few the black mass car drivers it's just a really fun documentary to watch the dc black film fest on friday and saturday at the miracle theater jason fraley debbie to be news as we head into a new school year a prince storges county woman is hoping to keep local kids motivated through movement a local business owner is trying to take kids away from the streets and introduce them to the art of dance students have the opportunity to grow both mentally and physically linda cheney is owner of evolution dance studio in greenbelt maryland this is more than dancing we tried to get into the psyche we to tried let them know we're here for you cheney says they offer jazz hip -hop and allay lessons that help kids feel empowered they get their confidence because they're learning new technique they're learning something that they normally don't learn stephanie gains brian w t l p news this is part of our continuing coverage of people making a difference in our community to find out more go to w t o p dot com has miami a soccer superstar to thank for a boom in business since messy joined intermiami last month fans have packed bars and restaurants in south florida and driven ticket prices for the league up to never before seen levels according to seat peak resale seats for home games are now an average of two hundred eighty two dollars up from thirty one before messy got there that's more than football fans paid on average for an nfl game last season as the wall wall street journal points out miami hasn't seen an athlete of messy's caliber since lebron james played for the heat almost a decade ago deborah rodriguez cbs news hey there is fluke eric from w t o p's dmv download podcast the washington commanders are the closest they've been to coming back home to washington d c and rf case site but the d c council is still split over whether it's a good idea to bring the commanders home one side says an nfl stadium just isn't a good investment we're not talking about happily money here these are your tax dollars while the other side says it's what the people won the residents would like to see hear it the full debate on wtop's dmv download podcast we'll see you there sports at twenty five and fifty five powered by maximus moving people and technology forward steve dresner what's going on with the commander's well they've had a productive last couple of days and included a seventeen fifteen preseason when a cleveland on friday

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