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Were marching through the streets of uptown Charlotte in opposition to the Republican Convention when police intervened to stop the march from interrupting traffic. Videos taken by protesters show police pushing back the crowd with a line of bicycles. Police say the protesters grabbed at the bikes and assaulted officers. Police deployed pepper spray and arrested multiple people. Thea Altercations Kane as delegates for the Republican National Convention hold a Siri's of private meetings in Charlotte this weekend ahead of the convention's official start on Monday. Protesters say more demonstrations are planned through the weekend for NPR news. I'm Nick Delicate gal in Charlotte. Boston's Northeastern University is threatening to rescind admission offers to dozens of students who said online they planned a party despite the pandemic. Kirk Cara Pez of member station WGBH reports It all started with a social media survey posted on Instagram. The survey shows more than 100. Incoming freshman voted yes to a question about whether or not they're planning to attend parties back on campus in Boston. Northeastern says the university contacted the student running the pole, and that student turned over the names of everyone who responded. Yes, Northeastern then sent them and their families a letter, making it clear the behavior would not be tolerated in order to slow the spread of the virus if the's students refused to sign a pledge committing to protect the campus community Administrators say Northeastern will rescind their admission offers for NPR news, Kurt Cara Paisa in Boston. Johns Hopkins University says the global death toll from the Corona virus has reached 800,000. South Korea, where the outbreak was under control, has a resurgence of infections and is imposing strict new measures banning large organizations and closing night spots and churches. This is NPR. Live from the news. I'm queen IQ him. Re sources are spread thin on the new complex. That's a Siri's of wildfire sparked by lightning storms last weekend. It's raging in five counties, including Sonoma, where firefighters haven't been relieved for gays. Richelle Maria Dylan met with a couple of crews who've been on the fire line since Tuesday. These firefighters rolling opposes the current build fire station. We're so tired, they didn't even know what day it Wass. They were deployed to the Myers fire in general, which had consumed about 3000.

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