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The ramp from C. four seventy to southbound I. twenty five a difficult on KOAA news radio live everywhere the I heart radio app fox thirty one pinpoint whether it's mostly cloudy right now sixty three degrees going partly cloudy tonight fifty two for the low sunshine returns tomorrow behind your seventy six degrees our top story on Keighley news radio if you want to get into rocky mountain national park you'll need to make a reservation spokesperson Kyle Patterson says it's a time to permit entry system and it begins June fourth time to permit entry system will allow visitors to basically make reservations for two hour time slots again starting June fourth is when we are going to be implementing this and it will be from six AM to five PM and people can make reservations for two hour time entries they can leave the park at any time this is not like hotel California she also says trail ridge road will not be open all the way through until snow plow crews can finish clearing it in Wyoming the lady called state's largest rodeo event is being canceled including the Daddy of them all Cheyenne frontier days it's impossible to have social distancing their this coronavirus thing sucks there are just no two ways about it it runs on contact trans transmission and thrives in places where the likelihood of close contact is greater governor mark Gordon says if people got sick at frontier days it could cause damage to the if its reputation and yes it is the first time in one hundred twenty four years that China frontier days has been canceled well we are getting used to seeing summer events canceled because the pandemic but this is the first one that we've seen for March two thousand twenty one Burton snowboards is canceling the U. S. open snowboarding championships it was set to begin in Vail in March and the big soda lake at Bear Creek lake park will open for paddle boards canoes cat kayaks and rafts the lake was closed may ninth because of beach overcrowding the city of Arvada will be closing streets in old town this summer to create a more inviting socially distance atmosphere local business improvement district envisions the area filled with colorful tables and chairs as well as planters in umbrellas restaurants would have the ability to serve patrons outside and retail shops could place items in front of their stores there's no word yet when the closures will begin but one streets are sealed off the remain closed through Labor Day Jerry bell K. we news radio and protesters are taking to the streets in Los Angeles after a black man died in police custody.

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