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The world's greatest megalitres eat like a champion was medical like power eight one bars muscle login more Cutie more than a gas station I'm Larry Lewis K. T. A. R. news freeze warning tonight thirty five for overnight low then tomorrow fifty four for the high another freeze warning all overnight on Tuesday early morning Wednesday and then for Wednesday mostly sunny in fifty seven so we've got some cold temps coming our way right now in paradise valley it's fifty five with a broad you by Howard air the replace repair call Howard Air as corona virus continues to spread globally many people here in the valley are doing their best to stay healthy one valley home expert says keep your home clean will help Eric Bryan is the owner of precision Erin plumbing and says one of the most commonly neglected parts of home maintenance as it relates to clean air is this their error filter so the very basic would be starting with making sure that you're changing air filter on a monthly basis he says when filters aren't regularly changed it allows illnesses and infections to stay and grow in your home he suggests three times somebody's been sick in the home it would always be well advised to disinfect the home with Lysol things like that and then changing your air filters to make sure that any dust pollen any types of infections that are airborne you remove those Brian also says if you're trying to keep a healthy home keep humidity in your home low try to minimize the number of people and pets coming in and out and make sure that your doors and windows are properly sealed Taylor can wrap KTA our news for more on this story just visit the health center and KTAR.

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