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We're recording this ahead of getafe against real bettis. If bet is win that, there are point behind that let it with four games to go for the final Champions League spot. At let you have to be extremely careful. They do, because they are running the risk of not making champions like this season. They're slipping in the performances have not been impressive they've been uneven, so yeah. Before we move on, we have to give a massive shout out to trabzon who won their first Turkish league title 38 years for 38 years. And the scenes there were absolutely incredible. I don't know if any of you follow Ellie Benjamin. On Instagram, but he was there. Oh wow. Okay. And he was on the pitch at the end of the game and filming and I DMed him in response to one of them just being like, this is unbelievable and he said, dude, it was so wild everywhere. That I had to finally start filming at like 5 a.m.. On the best yet at least one of the best sports documentary makers anywhere. Best doing it. He's done. Shout out to Ellie. So they sealed it with a tool draw at home to antalya spore. The best thing about this I thought was that the fans kind of were a bit too keen, while the pitching vending. They came on the pitch of the ref was just like, no, no, no, we're not finished. So they all had to just scatter again. The game was completed shortly after and then everyone was just it was incredible to see it was a dancing from fans on the pitch. Do you know what was really interesting as well? Just in various parts of Germany because obviously Germany has such a huge Turkish population here. They said they were celebrations everywhere. There was fireworks going off in various German cities. There were people out on the streets with trabzon sport flags. There was a tweet actually about particular city, wasn't it? There was a tweet about that and then someone said, oh, it looks like trabzon won the league then. And it was a cologne. I think it was cologne. I think that was an amazing, an amazing achievement for them, and an amazing occasion. I was reading some stuff about how the population of the city had just almost like tripled because fans from all over the promise kind of came into the city and they'd set up big screens in their old stadium, which is like a public park and everywhere after the game. There was like fireworks. Pyro going off everywhere and flares and that was just basically was turned into this big carnival. It looks like one of the most hype league titles I think I've seen in a very long time. Like there are particular moments you talked about this before that were included in one NBA title and that was a particularly special victory or when Philadelphia on the Super Bowl, there's certain victories for a city that mean more to me than this this is going to be on the list of like in terms of celebrations I've seen. This is definitely up there with a trophy that really has a wireless significance. So yeah, many congratulations to them. They still got a pop at the Turkish league and cup double. They do. It was really interesting because they.

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