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That was your big returns. That was the return like Tana beats Ebou she and the mentioned that came out and challenge tunnel and then earlier in the night. That's when the video. What they did great. There is because it'd been building up my videos for a while. And then when they they played it said that it was going to happen on that date. They play Joe video. They didn't say about the switch pay. But I think a lot of people's like, oh, maybe maybe that's what that was. I guess I guess that was it because they sit in an author is like a sick. And surprise. I'm not saying that this is the exact way or if it's even that show, but I call something about and like I said, this might be totally wrong. You might be able to tell me more about this at this point in time. They going to do something exactly the same with our respective angles. And at one point it was they were gonna show your video to as like you can't show to videos on the same same show. And they and they had you maybe come into it live. I think that some along those disbars I knew I never go any idea that was given to me I knew I was going to be there in person. Okay. So maybe it was another day. But there was something going on where it's like you're going to this. And then J whites news that we can't do the same. We have to mix. One of the prior shows 'cause they didn't show any teaser for you know, they right, and this they they had they wanted to do it on a night where they had one of my tease videos earlier that might have been wrestling shows under the head something into g one they had one I think than the yoga coup show, the king of pro wrestling when I think they headed against they might be wanting to do it then but. At my point at the same time are things starting yours was starting as well. Yeah. So what was what was the idea behind switchblade? The first one they came up with. He was like sit it was like raise a shop was like first thing in one fifth, straight wells. I don't have anything in the name of razor because it just thinking I feel like people go to raise their among. So what does this point you work? Your work is razor, sharp or. Yeah. He wanted to basis Gaito talking to you. Yeah. You wanted to be, you know, kind of aggressive and cutthroat type thing which is they play with these days Inova say it's kind of like change. But that was kind of the original idea he wanted to be just a really kind of aggressive guy. And you know, guys, I I kinda watch obviously always did what's been wa. But that was like like him and like done white kid that kind of snappy aggressive style was was one of the original ideas. And then it's kind of built on from there. We me and Alex Shelley kind of came up with the name switch played. Instead when we're driving home from that show because it was like a show narrow Bank came overnight the meeting with him, he gave me the idea and then conscious lifted up to ourselves to myself to Jimmy any other ideas that you didn't use. Is just which played overall. I think it was switched by. Because the first one went think, I I was thinking sling blade, and it was all hang on its thing. He's kinda know, and it was like I feel like because we were driving. I think I swear we sit at the same time. I was one hundred sling Besse move an in shape, switch plate. I'm like. Oh, yeah. That actually could work. No one's ever used that as an name before. It's pretty obvious. Right. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. It's as simple. So I think I think seven Callahan might have had something was switched by Nabet. I wasn't like his might be like a group or something years ago because I remember when they was showing the videos people like taken him, and they throw seventy and some people thought it was trim Perata coming back because he'd been out for a little while. All right. So tonight, it will kinda worked out pretty good. But they really did kind of leave it up to myself with look wise..

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