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Always talking to seth baron about his new book last days of new york and we're talking about what he calls the worst mayor in new york history bill de blasio so we see a lot of the silly things he says and the silly things you know the the minor things he does that are not the major contributors to the the sort of decline of new york but what are the objective measures of his administration Just complete incompetence competence and inability to pick up the trash failure to police the streets but defunding them or or not empowering officers to do their jobs. What are tangible things that are happening. That are making new york. Less nice to live in and visit saw okay. Public safety is one thing. There's been a series of new laws enacted at the state and local levels which yes handcuffed the police and make it very difficult for them to do their jobs The state has bail reform essentially eliminating the possibility of signing bale to people. Most people arranged. Now leave court and go back out on the streets immediately so nobody very few people are held in jail anymore There was a discovery reform. Meaning that All all witness information turned over to the defense almost immediately and this is chilled witness participation in criminal investigations the right to know law Gave may made that police when they're trying to search a suspect have to inform them that they don't have to consent to the search This is unique in america and basically it's allowed criminals to say. Oh well forget it. Then and then they walk away with their gun in their pocket A diaphragm law. Meaning that any police officer. A police officers can be prosecuted if they Supposedly lean on. Someone's chest while arresting them which could have struck their airflow elimination qualified qualified immunity which makes officers personally liable for a lawsuit during arrest if they you know it's it's it during the use of force if the erected you know considered injurious in some way or another there's been a whole series of of these types of Accidents which will make it very difficult for any future mayor to try to increase policing this is all baked. didn't now it's like codify chaos To blasier has made a huge effort to destroy education We do have some of the best public high schools in new york city and de. Oh and the rest of his His crew have eliminated standards. They now have Like there's a very good junior highschool lab school which is now said that they will no longer co teach advanced math. The idea is that nobody you know remember. There was no child left behind well. The the de blasio administration motto. No child gets ahead. Don't want any screen schools. They don't want any like different. You know every class should be the same They see it all as you know. Part of racial justice de blasio has sworn wealth. Redistribution is his primary goal. He said that he wants if he had his druthers he would control every square inch of real estate in the city and determine uses its purposes and who gets to live there. I mean i could go on. And on he's had a whole list of You know attacks. On small businesses stricter regulations raising the minimum wage to fifteen dollars. I mean that took place at the state level. Cuomo is all behind it You know so. A plenty of things that will make it You know homelessness refusal to deal with the homeless and mentally ill You know populating the streets of the city you know. I had a real estate firm in the late. Nineties and my favorite types of clients were corporate relocation folks who were coming from either san francisco or new york because They were leaving a four hundred thousand to a million dollar tiny little condo and you could buy a nice three to if not a four three and and some dirt and still be relatively close to the action and they were just blown away at what their dollars a could do in this community. I can't imagine going from where. I am in texas in houston Where our money goes so much further and relocating to new york. And that's why. I think most people everybody i know who lives in new york like yourself Manhattan's where they are where they've always been and they can't imagine anything else. I mean jim. African has five kids and they live in like thousand square foot place or twelve hundred square foot place and this is the guy who makes a lot of money in this tiny little space. But i don't think they'd live anywhere else. Everybody's got their choice. That's what makes america great got all types of people living all types of situations And you know. I'm not gonna look down to people. Who have you know a big house on a big run on a big lot. I mean that sounds great. In fact i can greater and greater You kind of talked yourself into that right there. Yeah i did But you know the whole thing with new york city. Is the public space right. We've got parts. The streets and people can tolerate living in cramped quarters if they have this precious public space that they can go and enjoy but the problem with de blasio and with the progressives have done They've taken the attitude that the worst thing to do is to arrest somebody so You know people can jump subway turnstiles and smoke in this in the in the in the subway cars and threatened people. They can sell drugs in the park. They can you know do all kinds of do drugs in the park Play loud music. Drink many people on the streets And this is what makes this is really where things get like sketchy because nobody quality of life is a super. I mean the the left like sneer at people who talk about quality of life and say things like oh go back to iowa i mean and they say this to people who were born here and have lived here for seventy years It's it's a very Scary and untenable way to run a city to allow miscreants and hooligans to base could take the vibe on the streets and that's what we're increasingly see happening if you don't have a big yard then you count on being able to go to the park and relax. I hope it's not the last days of new york. It's a historically a great american city But for now it. Sure looks like it. Seth baron from the american mind. The book is the last days of new york a reporters true available. Now thank you. Buddy is letting and good night..

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