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We do we do running. And then we have bagging practice after baton practically go back in the clubhouse come back out and play. It wasn't a long elaborate thing. So that went on for tween nineteen seventy six to nineteen eighty eight in the minors through your, your major league. You're finished up by recall over in Japan with the Hanshin Tigers. What was it like for you when you stepped away from the game? How difficult was it not so much physically? But mentally for you to say goodbye to a gain that you grew up loving. When I left the game I was ready to go. I you know, I have so many issues that the issues that I had kept me from playing baseball on a high level. I was lucky to play as many years as I did my hair engine took a big toll on me start wearing, you know, if you heard anything, as you live with it longer. It's gets worse and worse and my head injury in really start bothering me. And I didn't really know until years later that basically. That's what happened to me. There were times when I know my focus and concentration just wasn't there in everything sometime being a blur. Can find out my vision perception is not good, fine motor skills was leaving me. You know, the look people take for granted. I was losing that talent. And then my head my head hurt all the time. It hurt all the time. Well in nineteen seventy seven you made the all star team you repeated you came back as a member of the Padres in nineteen eighty two is an all star Rupert. You'll win a World Series championship for sparky Anderson and the Detroit Tigers in nineteen Eighty-four against the Padres, I've almost forgiven you for that. But what was that like playing at that level? When you when you saw the game from a different perspective, you were healthy and you're playing the game you love that had to be such a good feeling. You know that year eighty four was was was unique year from me. I went I went free agent. And nobody picked me up. Nobody gave me a tune to play. And I had I had I had hurt myself tremendously in the game of baseball. So Pittsburgh called me up today before spring training. And they asked me they, they asked me to come come to campus. A non roster player, I live in California. So I had to lead the next day, flew all day and got in got into Brayden some net night, and then the next day getting about midnight and next day I on the field at nine o'clock. So I was on the field. I was extra man. So consequently or I was I was non rested player so we play games at nine o'clock in the morning. I feel at nine o'clock in the morning with the great really starting and we played gain. And then I would go over to the complex in play in a game around seven six seventh inning six seven eight ten. And having fun I was playing a lot of balls spring training. But I was having fun. And matter of fact, I was hitting about three I was in. I was in pretty good spring training. And Chuck Tanna Kate Katie me one day. And he said, you, you plan will you doing a lot of things. He said what you got hitting out. I won't see hit some home runs is because I wanna see the power. So the next day we go over the Clearwater, and I had a home run. And two days later. Go to a Landau and I hit a home run again. And then two days later, we Brayden played nine o'clock game. I came over. They put me in the game in the eighth inning. And we were down by a run. I hit a home run tattoo gain. So I had three home runs in, like four or five days. And when I came around thirty base, and I was coming to touch on plate. Chuck town looked at their store smelling three days later, he came to me and said, this is the hardest thing. I'll be doing baseball. He said about we can't sign you. We got we let you go. I said, thank you, Chuck..

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