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Exactly any en it's but it's the real thing so like you know we have a a kid it's pointless time who's eighteen been watching since he was eight years old and he says it's my dream this is my dream with bad guy digs up an idol from ten or twelve years ago it'll be a great moment for him to see this little pieces get it i get it by the way i love the premise of your you're sleeping with people that you're trying to get rid of because my producer nate nyerere in that same boat still sticks around otherwise jeff probst his hero season 36 survivor it's a strong season already after the highly rated season premier last week so we got to figure out what's going on ghost island a different concept as we're learning now blasphemy were here jeff we introduce you to my assistant andrew accord and he's been trying to get on the show and since since you're on episode five thousand fouls or no actually season 5000 but you should make room for him say i've i actually wanted to talk to of is right here hello jeff probst andrew how's it going great how are you good well listen i you know i know that uh been applying allott and sending in videos in in beautifully a clever in and nice uh uh tweets to me and doing everything he can to get my attention and i have some what i think we'll be some pretty cool news uh i just want to let you know that once this season laps ghost island finishes okay you are going to have your audition video watched by us oh.

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