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Insider. So this is a big topic. But real quick, I saw Jessica Biel's, weighing in on vaccination efforts. Now, she's kind of backpedaled a little bit. I'm very adamant about this. We can't mess around with this, because we see what's having New York state. They're changing their laws. They changed their laws to deal with it. When public people speak out in this manner. I think it does the service to what is really an important thing, and that is knocking down disease an illness. By vaccination. Absolutely. I, I believe that all people should be vaccinated against the disease for, which we have prevention and for people who don't believe that. I wonder what they think when they send their children today care when they send their children to school. And of course you have to be fascinated. You have to have the records through the state that you've been vaccinated to go to school. I can see some of their points of view. But I would like to convince them to get their kids vaccinated not only to protect their children, but to protect children, and other people around them these are some deadly diseases, and we've found ways to prevent them. So let's use those ways to prevent them. Jessica Biel as famously married to Justin Timberlake, who spent years trying to bring sexy back. She was trying to bring measles back. Be very, very well done. No, I'm a I'm a liberal. Let live type of guy, you know, you can ingest do kind of do whatever you want. But at some point it crosses the line into being other people's problems. You're infringing on their right to be safe and healthy and not vaccinating your kids crosses that line from for me, just wrap it up before we get to the news here. This started with links to autism that were aronie us that have been kind of perpetuated over time, urban myths, and internet myths. And then we've had some famous people, and I use famous in air quotes because one of them was Jenny McCarthy, who advocated for this antibac- position. It's dangerous. It's dumb, and I think the York state in particular is doing the right thing by saying with very rare exceptions, you're going to get your kids vaccinated because it makes us healthy and knocks down these very dangerous diseases and illnesses. All right, a little bit late. Seven thirty one. From the breaking news center. Eric Costa police in west elyssa investigating a deadly shooting from overnight. Officers responding to a report of gunshots right around one AM near fifty six and greenfield. No other details at this point, the winnebago county DA is an tipping changes to EMT protocol this after first responders were shot at one killed in Appleton last month. How do I respond those responders handle overdose cases? It could be something that changes now following the Appleton firefighters shot and killed by men who had overdone dose in may. President Trump is rejecting Iran's denials that it was behind a pair of explosions on oil tankers this week in the Middle East, the president warning that the US won't take it lightly time for the WTMJ, Drake and associates market up. They've been in the red today so far on Friday. The Dow down thirty three to twenty six thousand seventy three. The NASDAQ is down forty three to seventy seven ninety four and the down seven to twenty eight eighty four WTMJ Pella, wwl dot com. Timesaver traffic..

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