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And then afterward, the time to reconnect with the ideas and to reflect now, there are a lot of good ways for us to do this reflection. The International Association for Journal, Writing Provides a lot of suggestions some of them I'm going to share here some of them I will encourage you to check out in your own time. So here are some of the strategies. First of all, they advocate that journal writing helps you to let off your thoughts from the day in a manageable way so that you're not hiding your emotions, you're not dumping your emotions on other people, but you have this space to focus on what you're feeling and what you're thinking, and maybe the whys behind it. And also the what you WANNA do next it gives that time to pause. Look at the page where you can know, grow and care for yourself through express a writing. Now. There is this attitude where if you decide, you're going to start writing things down like during this reflection process I like to refer to it as journaling. So I'm GonNa say that throughout the rest of this podcast and often in other podcasts If you take up the habit of being. Don't get yourself when you don't do it. So if you skip a day, skip a week, skip a month event. You can get right back to it and just add where you left off. I've been a journal keep her since I was twelve years old. I'm nearly fifty something and I'm very excited to say that I have consistently kept journals since I was twelve years old. There were some periods of my life like when I was single going to college eighteen, nineteen, twenty years old I was able to write in my journal every single day pages and pages about all my thoughts things I was learning all my experiences. Maybe even sometimes multiple times during the day..

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