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All right let's check out the mail bag. We got a couple of emails that almost feel like they're answering each other. We talked about chance the hacker yesterday and the reason that he thinks. Developing -veloping animations for chrome is superior to fire Fox. While we got this email today. I tried the fun page from chance. The hacker in Fire Fox and chrome it was is a little faster and chrome. I think it was a lot faster but all right but I didn't see any significant problems with firefox. Seventy the privacy features of Fire Fox are far more important important to me than some silly and distracting animation. My feedback to chance the hacker and all the other web developers out there is that I don't want animations when I encounter a site site with animations or auto play multimedia my usual responses to immediately close the window and never revisit that site signed grumpy old man so all right almost like two emails down from that was chance writing back saying hey. Tom and Sarah was really cool to hear. Tom's thoughts sunfire Fox animations yesterday. And let me say one hundred percent agreement. Currently what I have to do is implement browser detection into all my sites and turn animations off when user's choose fire Fox which is a ton of overhead and in all honesty makes me want to just not add in cool animations at all I currently put into disclaimer telling the user. They're missing being out awesome animations by using fire Fox and I really hope people start paying attention to this and push fire Fox to improve their animations. Their browser is amazing. And I hope one day I can use it myself as a Web Dev. That's so interesting so there you go grumpy old man that the chance. Chance explained himself to you without him even knowing you had written it and so I love this and thank you. We've also gotten lots of other developer emails on all sides of this issue. You so thank you. For sending those to feedback and Daily News Dot Com shout out to our patrons at our master and grandmaster levels including. Tim Ashman Philip. Shane Jeff results now. We check check in with Len. Peralta what have you been drawn. Well you know. I don't know if I'm excited about the FACEBOOK TAB for news I think it's sort of like whatever but but You Know I. I believe that might have a reason. This is going to be the story. That's I'M GONNA be waiting to see eventually on facebook. News is of course. The duck is is an alien as we all know and I think it's everything from the black beady eyes. The is coming out of his back. I think that is the main story that should be led on every a single one of these news. Items Zach Alien. Yeah probably. That's that's available right now at my online store or if you're a patriot you can download it right now. I I also want to mention that There is less than half of the spots are still available to get your name on the D. team as rise of skywalker poster. If you remember it. Looks like a the teaser poster if you want to go to my online store Gordon now and help me sell these out. Hurry up. Get One of those slots before they're gone so people have been like. Oh are they still there.

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