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On all the naughties. Throwing flowers crying. This is so Betty. She's such a class act isn't she? Yeah. She just wants a private, small, funeral, that was her wishes and we will respect those. Hey moving along Valerie bertarelli, is explaining why she gave up on quote those damn scales. The Valerie said she was tired. A feeling like she was the most famous dieter in America. So after losing her first husband Eddie Van Halen to cancer in October, the 61 year old realized that she needed to focus on the stuff that really matters. She said the following quotes, the goal is to live in the moment and not according to the scale. There is no magic number that will make me feel good about myself never. She went on to say I'm done, judging myself. I want to be kinder and more accepting. I have a lot of decades of thinking I have to look a certain way for people to accept me for being me. She went on to say that she remembers as a child seeing her father treat her mother badly whenever she would gain any weight. This is heartbroken. She said I learned at a really young age that when you gained weight, you were not lovable. Yeah. That's really something. You know, so many times parents, they may not mean to. But the adults in our lives, they can do some serious psychological damage to us as children because, you know, we look to them to be our guides. And if they tell us we're not good enough because we've gained weight that does not set a good psychological profile for you as a child. So absolutely. I love Valerie, though. She's so sweet. She's so sweet. I know her a little bit. She's really, really kind. And I think she's right to become the most famous dieter in America, I can't imagine. Now she admits to she's part of the problem here because she signed up to do the Jenny Grammy on the weight watchers. I'm not sure which one. But she did sign up as their spokesperson. So she said, yes, part of this is my problem. I just don't want to do it anymore. When I lost a lot of weight, I never looked at the scale once, Cory. I didn't. I just went for a walk each day, doing the pandemic, and the way came off. And I only knew it because my clothes fit me better or I had to buy a smaller sized pan, but I think the scale is a really dangerous thing. It is. I'm not even sure what we have one in our apartment. Do you check your weight a lot you know, I'm not fanatical about it, but I do sort of do it for maintenance, just to know where I am, but it's not like a daily thing, but I know I'm in a process now of slimming down and getting my health together. And my doctor says, do not go by the scale, go buy how your clothes feel, how you look, and that's the best way. Absolutely. Don't go by that scale. I have a general sense like you. I have a general sense of my weight, but I don't look at it every day, but I think I'm the same with social media. I don't know how many followers I have to the nearest ten. Some people do. I have friends who know exactly how many followers they have, and if they lose one, they're really upset. I have a general sense, but that detail is something I don't think you should become obsessive. God bless you Valerie and her new book is coming out soon too. We have to pick that up. What's going on with Sex and the City what's happening with and just like that? And just like that, Chris north has been cut from and just like that, the finale will not feature the actor after, of course, these sexual assault allegations have permeated the airwaves over the past few weeks. Now, Chris Noth has been removed from the upcoming finale of HBO Max's and just like that. He was supposed to be in the finale. They were going to do a fantasy sequence where Sarah Jessica Parker's carry reunites with big while visiting Paris's pont dessau bridge to scattering his ashes. But according to reports, the creative team behind the show said, you know, the footage just was not significant enough to justify them saving it from the cutting room floor, so he got the chop. Of course, that still comes aligned with these people. These women. These women who have come forward in recent weeks to say that he sexually assaulted them, even though you have to say that the actor has denied the first two accusations. But that's a little weird. There's like 5 accusations. Denying them after the first two, he just shut up. But I think this statement is a little bit disingenuous too, saying that the footage wasn't significant enough isn't saying that we cut him out because going on. And so like the treading really carefully here, maybe unnecessarily so because it seems to me they don't want to upset anybody now. I should point out as well. We got a complaint that when the first episode aired. We waited a good week or so, and then we did reveal what happened. I think we gave a spoiler alert, but it's such big news. It was all over the Internet. It was all over social media. It was in the newspaper, so I felt safe doing it. But now I'm really conscious about not spoiling stuff. How long do you think you should wait, Corey? Please, one of my friends told me of for telling them the end of the Titan. Oh, yes. I know you go in there. You know how this ends, right? Well, you know, there's another dynamic too. You have to factor and I would forget I'd watch pose and me and my Friends would be on Facebook watching pose and then I forgot like my Friends on the West Coast haven't seen it because there's a difference. There's a whole other dynamic. I give it a few days. I try to give it a week, like I don't live, tweet shows because of that West Coast. But I think a week or so a week is at night TV show because there's a new episode out. Quickly before we go to break, so there's a new not quite scientific study out that's claiming. If you kiss on night one of the bachelor, you have a 95% better chance of getting your goodness. I don't know these people, but I've got to get to know these sound great. Chad and Lizzie have a podcast called game of roses and according to their calculations if you kiss the bachelor or the first night the chance of you getting a rows and making it through to the second episode a 95% oh my goodness makes sense. Reality TV. If I kiss a boy when I go out, I'm probably gonna see him another day. Yeah, yeah. I mean, it's sort of I mean not to make it that to take it that far, but it's almost like, you know, on the first date going on going all the way on the first date in a way. But it's a kiss on the show, you know? I guess it establishes that you're like you're fun. Yeah. If I kiss you with the first night, I probably want to see you for sick. I don't kiss him at the first time. I'm never gonna call again. No. It's not good. It would terrible. I was going wild today. Hey, we're gonna take a quick break if we will be right back. Now extended through January 14th, join a clean and spacious planet fitness for zero moment and only $10 a month. With tons of equipment and free fitness training, it's the perfect place for everybody to work out. Even me, mister I'm so stressed I grind my teeth more than most people crying coffee? Especially you. Give your anxiety clinch jaw rest. My molars will be so happy. Start feeling spectacular today. Join in clubb at planet fitness dot com zero enrollment $10 a month, cancel any time. Deal ends January 14th C club for details. Hey, it's Nikki glaser. I want you to get everything you want. And the thing I want you to get the most? Laid. Yeah, that's right. I want you to have sex. 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