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I don't take a university should ever when it comes to anything criminal ever investigate themselves nor their campus police which are employed by that university should lead an investigation it should always be an outside independent law enforcement entity that should handle those investigations take the nc aa their police in themselves what could north carolina war could look at that scandal on academics and the north carolina women get hit harder than the men why because roy williams in the north carolina tar heel basketball program meanwhile a ton of money and tradition for the nc aa an and and to programs that have gotten headlines arizona tom izzo hall of fame coach of michigan state their tv draws their names were you look up the guy here is on playing the night emma watson michigan state i don't care if you're sitting in main right now were key west florida this is the art of a business deal when it comes to the arrogance of mark hamrick some will say well he's tonedeaf no no no no no no kantograd you could they'll do they really care about the drama now because they're printing money power read money all the problems in the world in the world maybe religion will come into play most of our problems i'll ninety percent maybe 75 because i'll give religion of big truck but in america we'll go slow too much religious divide in this country so i'll go with power and greed corporate world politics whatever side of the aisle you're on and sports at all levels even the power and greet has found its way into high schools right it's found its way into youth sports i mean those connections in this story where the money train begins to stop at the youth level and they go prey on these families that don't have a lot and they try and lock up their kid and create a relationship were some day they hope that kid becomes a star and they can push into a school and they can push into a gear company that's another sad part of the story that you go connect yourself to all these dreamers families and kids who think they have a way out and that there's a better life waiting for them in sports and these money predators middlemen cd agents here guys they started that connection we've youth sports and they abuse in use privilege power money.

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