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Had enough I can't have my thirteen year old daughter and my wife driving with their windows up and gamma rays the entire time and they don't get money he went home me to sign it and went to work to spread a message I am with my wherever he walked out he wants others to realize what are you trying to do I mean a lot of people have a lot of money and there's a reason they can certainly yeah because it's easy I've often thought I just want to try it one day right I'm gonna go out there see what we can you know it's it's it is what it is it's the it's the it's go fund me old style it's retro go fund me but I'd like to just go sit out there just to see what I can get don't give those people any money don't don't the last person I gave money to well somebody had it on a sign of site he wanted up to meet a Carl's junior and he was it was early in the morning he was shaking his did I'm not a lady I need a drink and I'm like you know you're honest about it the check your name like now but you're honest about you are everybody's got one every city in the country every minister polity every small town there's somebody on an off ramp somewhere on a busy intersection somewhere and they don't want your help they want your money Monday afternoon.

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