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For anyone found guilty of insulting the prophet muhammad this there is no evidence that michelle committed blasphemy many of his friends described him as open minded together revenge from someone in this aside he is a f a best thing is do is make it advocates of blasphemy this is early he knew michelle all via a rush analysts social media page as soon as i meet him i can feel his outrage not only the death of a friend assist them that perpetuates the idea that those accused of blasphemy do not deserve justice the dead body was not allowed to be but it in the local imagery the people were not allowed to attend the funeral procession the local get up on the speaker and says it whoever ville attend the funeral ceremony of michelle on hiv marriage will be get over and you have to do to manage again for the very desperately depressive on those days i had a dreadful part because the video it's so horrific lake and they scholar was all the fingers were cracked cannot imagine make if someone is richmond the and you're doing distant that person i'm rabin as all and i'm in karachi for houghton soul on the bbc world service i'm speaking to atheists' about navigating wife in a place where family society and even the state can be hostile to disbelief some people have called financed but it wasn't abduction i was held for dernier days there wouldn't identified themselves but i'm sure it was the miller there was a dissolve culture and turned it is for healing my whole body was black the made me sign a statement that said i did what i have done on that would not engage in political or religious blocking and that my family could be your target if i support to the.

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