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Join our regularly scheduled program already in progress, which would be that no one outside of India would be able to get a green card for between six and eight years. And then after that seventy five percent of the green cards could go to India. It's great for India, but sucks for the entire rest of the world. And you imagine what would happen if suddenly the Irish find out that they can't get a green card for six years, and one of the effects is that in some occupation categories. They will not be able to hear in cards at all. So for example, the restaurant industry is going to be screaming. I can't get a green card for French chef. And so this is a giant trainwreck? What has happened with this Bill is it was sponsored by Kevin Yoder of Kansas who became the chairman of the appropriations committee this summer, and he promptly slipped this Bill into the budget. So. The summary. Here is that we have a Bill with the most radical change in American immigration policy in the nation's history that's been pushed entirely by foreign interests has had no hearings has had no press coverage of its effects has been slipped into the budget Bill, and so people this is what we'll call it a train wreck in the immigration system. And we'll just suddenly find out about it. If the Bill gets enacted, how is center for immigration studies, helping get this messaging out so that the Bill can slow down. It can have a review it can have a process by the American people to understand it. What is CIs doing? We'll see. Yes, we write about these things we've written about what this Bill does CIs dot org website. You can find a writings to describe exactly the effect of the Bill would have. Unfortunately, congress hasn't paid much attention to it. They just let this thing. Go on autopilot. What will be the upshot if they continue to let it go on autopilot. Now, we're going to have a lot of mad countries. India will love it. They might be mad at India to right? It'll be it'll be literally a train wreck in the immigration system. No one will be able to get a green card a glistening from India. And right now, you can get a green card for most for most countries in the world. You can get a green card directly. You don't have to go through the guestworker system. I, but this will change it. So that everyone has to get into the guest worker system each won't be guest system before they can get a green card. Let me move on. I don't even want to think about that train wreck. But that'd be very interesting to watch as it as it goes down or not let's move on win. Molly Tibbets was killed tragically stabbed to death presumably, and we wanna say allegedly because he hasn't been convicted yet, but VHS and other federal authorities say that he actually did it. Some people wonder if he had help he said he was knocked out or blacked out. So one wonders if there might be friends of his acquaintances buddies of his at such that might have helped in all of that. But nonetheless, there wasn't a lot. Talk about the e verify that this young man slipped through where are we with the demand that e-verify happen at every employment? Doorpost we're basically nowhere on that. It hasn't. Nothing's been advanced in a long time with with e verify the reality is we know that there's a huge number of people working in the country who are working illegally and they're being hired by employers. Who would rather not know when we'd rather have willful ignorance on this? Her death is another as I've said from time to time brick in the wall. What do I mean by that? I mean, just like Kate Steinle was a brick in the wall with more and more Americans dying at the hands of illegals, whether it's murder accident, some kind of manslaughter, maybe it's just DUI. Maybe it's speeding. Maybe stabbing. Maybe it's with gun. It's another sign that a brick needs to go to make a wall. But what? What I hear more sanctuary cities abolish ice in those signs are all over the place, especially in an election year. The police are terrible. We are a global world borderless society. Do you think more Americans will become more bricks in the wall to make the wall or the wall will never be made and the illegal immigrant flow will just continue to happen? And whether we like it or not were borderless nation with no sovereignty group. Eventually, we're going to go towards the bricks in the wall side and the election of Donald Trump. I think is one of the key signs of that. The people are tired of the open borders system that the Trump made immigration central issue of his cam- campaign. And now and you'll see surveys immigration ranking among the top issues of the voters because people are more more seeing how immigration policy fix their lives. Like in my down. My front yard is. Latrine for the illegal alien pickup joint. Okay. My front yard is the gathering place where the contractors come and pick up illegal aliens for work. And so it naturally comes latrine dumping area. And so people like me pay the cost of illegal aliens. Meanwhile, the rich people who were hiring people to do their lawns. And enjoy advice work. They get the benefits without suffering. Because other we've seen is in the higher end in employment visas, one of them was the we've might have mentioned the H one B guest worker visa, the H one B guest worker visa is for people in college educated occupations, patients, it will generally choir college degree, but congress has designed the system to replace Americans with cheap foreign workers in that's the purpose of the program of the sugar coated with descriptions like that we have a shortage of American workers, and we need highly skilled workers to fill jobs that Americans can't do. But that's not what congress and. Acted and people are shocked to discover the commerce's made it legal replace Americans with foreign workers. Disney was the best publicized example. But this is going on since the mid nineteen ninety s since we all get tenuously and the press ignores it, and it's a great mystery to me why the New York Times covered the Disney because it's been going on so long, but we got no of got no per media attention of this really travesty of the law. And so the public is more and more discovering that there that the system does not work for their benefit another side of this that when we have discussions on immigration would hear politicians talk about immigration. You don't hear them say, we're we need an immigration system that works for the average American citizen. We don't we don't hear them say we need a racist system. That improves the lives of of ordinary Americans. Normally a discussion of immigration sources something like, oh, we need these other guys and dreamers. We need to do something about. Amnesty for illegal the average person in the average public person is saying, you know, what about me? Is the supreme court has said that one of the primary purposes of arbitration laws is to protect American workers. And we just don't see that in the debate anymore. You know, if you ask the average Susan they hear persons here illegally. Why aren't they sent back wire people able to gain the system and be able to stay stay for long periods of time. And we'll we don't have in listening. The political class business class is a is a fundamental principle that if you're here illegally, go home less. There's some exceptional circumstances where we're trying.

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