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Us. Congrats awesome. Thank you netted, you wanna sing anything. Hear your excitement because you're singing barbershop guy. Put into the Justice. We got three of us right here me me me. Show coming up in June twenty second though that we still tickets. Amanda, listen, as you exit the stage moment is entirely yours. You take it away. Absolutely. Love your show, you might commute so much better. So avid great liberating can you tomorrow or Monday or tomorrow? Good for you. Enjoy your weekend. Take care. Sponsored by metro link. Looks like it's the car with a flat tire that senior appear in the south Orange County area. Northbound five just before it gets out touro road blocking the right lane of the actual offramp there. But it is back up drives your way from the Seventy-three. Pretty heavy delays on the seventy four or take highway this morning come away from the county line all the way through Casper's park. No word of any accents. But definitely a lot of companies drive on our take a highway southbound side of the four or five in the valley. Just before you get to brookhurst carpenter better. There is off to the side delays. As you come off of the twenty two and seven ten is busy for you this morning, both directions. Southbound side you're slowing down just before the one sees busy to the four. Oh, five head into Long Beach. Northbound side slows down just before the one five busy to Atlantic. He could have been a breakthrough LA stretch. But then he does slow again between the sixty ten head into L Hambro and in the northbound side of the one of one so kind of a busy right there out studio city from the one seventy you'll see the brake lights now out towards the Soto southbound delays from Reseda over towards Barham. And why traffic when you can enjoy a stress free commute ride with Metrolink and make the most of your time. Metrolink trains dot com to find your nearest station. And learn more about how mentally can get you to work on time. Stress-free take the train take Metrolink traffic. I'm Tony Jordan. But three my former insurance we know every windshield collusion has unique sound beetle. Boop drone seen it covered..

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