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Botchy there to make the stop from his lying backing position on the speedster Campbell tough catch by Peres Campbell? Just a back shoulder slant. Throw very difficult for the receiver to be running the inside and throw ball thrown behind him. Third and five Haskins going quickly gets the snap. Throws one Campbell running left. He's across the twenty angling to the sideline. He's got the first dynasty steps out of the twenty six yard line. I I in the afternoon to forty seven left in the first quarter easy throw a short drag route crossing route Haskins able to find Campbell Campbell way will yards after catch pickup. I down David. Dow the safety was chasing Campbell stepped down after a game eleven. But guys up to their own twenty six yard line Haskins play fit looking to the sidelines. And a high pass was incomplete over the hands of his intended target is he nearly floated one into the path of the defendant. The reason that pass wasn't was high was David Dow the safety jumped the rat underneath and he had undercut the out cut. If that ball was on target. Dow would would've made it easy interception and nothing but green grass in front of them for about thirty yards for touchdown. Was intended for the tight end, Luke feral. So now second in ten from the twenty six to thirty five to go first quarter, Ohio State and Michigan state are scoreless in east Lansing. Haskins gets a wildly snap pocket holding fires over the middle. Incomplete tight coverage as the pass was intended. But just in lane was there on coverage intended for lava. Justin lane. Cleveland Ohio kid. He's coming up playing big against his home state, Ohio State buckeyes, great play on the slant. Route beaten to the inside, but able to get an arm in there and knocked the ball away. No doubt. This game means more to him one of twenty five natives on this Michigan state roster. Third and ten from the twenty six. Haskins trying to get some temple and some of them going in the passing game comes up under center play clock in single digits as he backs up into the shotgun. Takes the snap back. Here comes the rush from the backside. Hit hard. Inside the twenty yard line. Kwan Jones was the first guy there. They will kiss was the guy that mocked him up. Haskins got hit from the front. We actually just lane was the guy that pulled them down from the back side. I just assumed those Willockx's from the end, but a corner blitz Haskins didn't see it and Mike trestle. The defensive coordinator for Michigan state has got Haskins confused early this ball. I think this game means something to trussell as well. Here's the kick from Christmas sending sowards back inside his 35-yard-line. He'll make a fair catch.

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