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For more of our wonderful callers terrific guests lot of great calls coming in our wildcard line. Five. Diana from New York. Hi, diana. What is your question for diet for Tina? I feel like I come from Scotland and I was a healer I do pretty good at it. And I also can do divining rods and stuff like that and bring injuries from another time to present injuries, like neck problems, or you know what I'm saying or Badin. Yes, you can. Yeah, because I feel bad neck. And I mean. Quite often, what happens is that if you've suffered trauma in about life. It can come to on this body. So dope to end Stevenson, actually, has done a lot of research on that working with children and people in India and he would find people who had scars on their back and found that when they were great they remembered being stabbed in the back and exactly that same spot. Wow. Unusual, the healing Tonette come back with you. I have a friend that we I've met, and it's like we knew each other for ever. Yes. Probably probably did and the healing ability for healing. Absolutely. I don't know if you'll hand get warm, when you think about healing, or if you're drawn to doing raking, or wanting to understand more about energetic ailing if you feel. Try to healing. You know, I'm just learning that I do with herbs though. I know it's weird. Like I say need this because of that and already doing it in some way you. I would suggest that you follow your intuition. You've got that n you, but also, make sure because things have moved on since then, and our things that are growing in the earth now. And not quite as strong as they used to be because what we're doing to the earth. So keep current with the learning. You know, get books out of the library and keep going. But use it for heaven's sake. We need it. That's yes, we need the healers. Yes. Absolutely. All right. Thank you for your call. Go to the east of the Rockies Steve, even North Carolina. Hi steve. How you tonight. Of the. My calls a little bit for about background. I'm not completely so goes the reincarnation, but I do have a couple of questions you can help me with. And I've always wondered about is who reoccurring dreams. And that now that we all have it spirits. Called day of. Right. Is that? The rain co recurring dreams is a subconscious trying to tell you something it trying to get some information through to you to your conscious mind. And one of the things you can do it before you go to sleep at night is to. That you'd be giving the message in another form or another way said you can get that information in the clear away that you understand it. Coming trying to communicate with you. So it's like a carbon copy. So it's really, it's an attempt to really get that information to us is there one specific one that you're talking about Steve. It's the fight or flight of. Of. Say they're. In regards, very compensation. And then if I win the Cup. Okay. But if it goes wrong. They're not suddenly able to. Black and Blau from the problem that that areas. Yes, I do have something in your current life that is you feel you're trapped. That I'm trapped if feel trapped you might be trapped you feel trapped. Of. Of freedom, the quest. Yes, it could be. Yes. My mother is. Tiger for my mother that. Yeah. Is has mental Alzheimer's. That stuff being a kick for that, that's really tough. How could see views the third circle protocol for something like that. Yeah, you could use that part of you, Steve. That is your kind. Obviously a very kind man. You're kind self respectful and see your mother as. Using that part of you as a temporary situation, but giving her part of your best self so that doesn't drain the rest of you still have some of yourself left for yourself. Do you find yourself getting drained? Yes. Yeah. If you. That's right. Stall. Yeah. If you if you can get hold of the book, either through the library, or any way you can there's some exercises in the book that will really help you, it would help you find out all of who you are, then because we're all many parts so that, although using a part of yourself to take care of her with respect and love and compassion. This still some of you that you can keep for yourself. And we learned to come come pump mental life so you don't lose all of yourself is so easy as take to lose your whole self. Yes. And up feeling empty and and worn out and like a dish rag. My mother used to say, yeah. So think about the pot of you that you can use for your mother and the parts, you can keep yourself that it's value system if it's making sense to you. Yes. Ma'am. Yeah. For values of. Yeah. That's what. Lately, too. Wall to they would have. Yeah. You just don't don't car. You go buy. Right. Right. I watched my mother do this for all her life. Take care of my dad, and but coming from this perspective when he passed it is so hard for her to find herself. Because she'd give it all away. And as you do as you do as you do less, you know differently. Yeah. Right. You have tools to ten percent. Maybe ten percents do something for yourself. Thank you. Yeah. Try to drag this out. We're talking with you. Call back anytime Steve callback anytime we're here for you. Okay. It's not as bad as things go at this still have with a. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You doing the right thing. You're doing the right thing. Thanks. All right. We'll talk to you soon. Okay. Let's go to our. Wow. That's a great callers here, wildcard line four, Jack in friends, would taxes, welcome to the show Jack. What is your question? Hello. Now, this is this is crazy. But why would anybody want to come back as Hitler and then question I. Happen to his soul died after all the nonsense. He call. Let me give you my point of view on this. I believe that we are all everything each one of us. We all good bad. We're kind unkind with smart with stupid. And the piece we choose to use in each life that make us who we are. Is that character it love loved his dog, and he loved his mistress? So he had a. That way, we see in current politicians, worldwide some of them are kind and smart, and some of them are not so kind and not so smart. Using that piece in this lifetime. Because the soul needs to learn something, whatever that is, maybe needs to learn humility, maybe it needs to learn kindness. I don't know. What he doesn't know but it's a piece that they choose to use in this life. We all have choice every minute of every day, and he chose to use that the other thing is that because of that other people stepped up to the plate to become too. There are many people that turned out to be heroes. Some of them died being hero like some didn't some and saved thousands and hundreds of children and people. In the underground. So they had a chance to step up and use that bestself. So he made other people step up. Yes. For what he did. There was. Yeah. Yes. Against him to, to allow people to step up. Step up on everybody. Learns something. Because sometimes we're born into a family that has no, what I call light. No love. They don't know how to, they don't know how to give love emotionally distant. But maybe we chose to come into that family so that we could learn to find the light for ourselves. Maybe that was out journey into that family. It's an interesting question. It's very interesting question. Very interesting. Thank you for it. Yeah. Thank you so much. I mean, there's there has been a long long journey of learning through that experience that in history. Will, you know, not repeat itself as a result of the one hopes? Right. Right. Well, all right. So there's lots of lots of questions. I love the curiosity of people who this topic. It's really great. Let's go to the west of the Rockies you've got just in Hilo Hawaii. Hello, just in farming. Hi, what's your question, Richard Gina? It's kind of related as well, but I used to live on the east coast and I moved to Hawaii. And when I was a kid I had a three I, I was attacked and some locked into a house burned alive. I didn't wake up until I actually burned alive, and I went to a grave and everybody looked down at me and everything. Pass to Hawaii, it became a lot more prevalent. So I had several incidents, where died in a dream and not woken up. Like I've actually me afterlife of, and different different points. So one was I fought in a samurai battle. I won't seven times I submitted and I could feel the behind my neck, and I could feel my cut on I drowned. And so these are experiences feel, what the death experiences like okay. So this other experience was I, I drown I fell into a river and realize was wandering around. This came to me. And, and it was like the kind of like a counselor I wouldn't take shit gathered a bunch of bull that had all died. She down and what happened. All pass away. And you know, you're moving onto the next next stage. I want to goodbyes and, and everything. And of course, I went to my parents and everything and said, you know, leaving I'm dead, and I love you and all that stuff. And, and that seems to be a really common current. I, I was that was that incident that could just in is your question about, why is this happening? Yeah, why? Why? Live and I would strongly recommend that you find yourself, reputable life, regression therapist, and go through them so that you can release them take the learning from them. Anything give nece it needs to be done than any healing and released them. Yeah. That's it sounds like yourself a regression therapist. Can you through that? And through can just gonna ask you Tina congestion go safely into the regressionist. It's not going to be re hashing those types of dreams. Well, we don't know where with regression. We'll take him, but it's important, you see when someone's in the past life and they're being facilitated by ready. They're good, therapists, and they, they have a vont dreamlike or into experience like that. The regression therapist will not let them come out of it because you have to complete the journey, you may say rise above it, and look upon it as a movie, but we have to complete it because if you don't complete it, you bring it in with you. And you keep coming keeps coming back like dreams and you go through the pain over and over and over again, we'd have complete pleated in needs to be healed to give us has to be given with some has to be taken and closed off. And then you come back into this world that makes sense. Yes, that was my guess is all unfinished. And that's why I'm suggesting you find a really good regression therapist Austin to help you with. This. Thank you so much for your call just it really does apply to anyone who has these types of recurring, vivid dreams. Is that to go into regression.

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