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Of income. For many of us is a difference between paying paying their mortgage. NSF SF MTA spokesman says in a statement to KCBS, quote, these reforms are meant to be one part of the process to bring value back to purchase medallions and help improve service across the city at San Francisco city hall, Carrie Hodousek KCBS the city of Richmond has agreed to pay six hundred fifty eight thousand dollars in a settlement with nine elderly and disabled public housing tenants over substandard living conditions at the hussy into housing complex reveal from center for investigative reporting and Emeryville reports those tenants for years living in the housing project that had passed issues squatters roof leaks and mold after reveal I exposed the conditions at hacienda. Twenty fourteen the head of the Richmond housing authority admitted that the apartment complex was uninhabitable and took two years. Two more years that is to remove residents from the building tens of thousands of TSA workers will be missing a second paycheck today. As the government remains shut down KCBS reporter, Holly Kwon tells us Oakland's mayor in Washington for the US conference of mayors. This week worries this could soon drain the finances of non government workers usually the mayors gathering Washington did talk climate change housing and homelessness. But right now, Oakland mayor will be Chaffetz says there's one overriding message get the government back to work at some point. It is going to break down might Uber. Try her oh, I should say. I actually took lift my list driver told me that he had just helped his cousin pay his mortgage because of the shutdown that is not going to last Long John pistol was head of the TSA from twenty ten to twenty fourteen and endured a two week government shutdown of his own, but with this one more open ended he worries about what morale and staffing. Will look like when this is all over sure they can go out and find other work and some are doing that now. And just haven't haven't decided when the government. Opened whether they'll come back or not. So that's one of those questions that are still out there. How much of the workforce will will remain all Lequan? KCBS? Governor Gavin Newsom is rolling out a challenge to President Trump Newsom has had frequent Twitter wars with the president. But he said God no asked directly yesterday if he's considering a run for president calling the idea crazy some of took office earlier this month hinted that he's likely to endorse Senator comma harassing the California Democrat is a longtime friend for whom he has enormous respect the Harrison that's Monday that she is joining a crowded field. Trump challenges new raised speculation that he might seek the presidency by running Facebook ads opposing Mr. Trump's southern border wall and supporting universal healthcare. KCBS news time one twenty five now bring your money watch. Investor caution is evident and Wall Street is coming off a mixed session. China trade is among the concerns commerce secretary Wilbur Ross told Bloomberg the US wants a trade deal. And he believes China also wants a deal, hopefully, those two general impulses can result in a very finite. Very detailed very enforceable set of commitments. But Ross also indicated a deal may not be as close as investors had hoped. There was a huge relief rally for shares of PG in MD. After investigators cleared, the California utility in connection with the deadliest wildfire of 2017 shares of PG and E rose more than seventy four percent investors had high hopes for Intel's quarterly results per share earnings topped forecasts. But the chip maker's revenue fell short Intel also issued disappointing guidance Starbucks results topped Wall Street expectations. Jeff Bellinger, Bloomberg radio.

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