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I know it's not fair. I mean because I think there is guys like Durell Henderson from you know, Memphis who could be a star. You know, are they first round stars? No. But look at some of the stars that are running backs in the NFL right now. I mean, hey Kareem hunt. He led the NFL rushing. It was a fourth round pick. You know, Alvin Kamara was what a third round pick. He's one of the best running backs in the sports. So they're stars there to be had. They just might not be slam dunk first round picks. Now, also what's not fair about? This is Josh Jacobs around the Bama is a star. He really is. I look at him and go he's a better version of Alvin Kamara coming out. And I think that he is a guy. I don't know if he lands in the first round, I think there's a good chance he somewhere between you know, maybe twenty twenty and forty where he lands and to somebody at the end of the first of the eagles take him to the Indianapolis Colts take-up does the Oakland Raiders at twenty seven take him or do the raiders decide? We'll take him at pick thirty five in the second row. The colts who also have a pig high that first round so he somewhere that range, but very versatile, Mike, and he is a star from everything I saw on film. And here's the reality. And I came to this conclusion about fifteen years ago back at a time when I actually had the time to go to all of the West Virginia university home games, it dawned on me that every major college program has a guy who will gain over a thousand yards at the college level, and who could be a productive running back at the next level. If you can teach him to hold onto the football if you block form and if you trust him in pass protection. So there are so many guys who can do it. I think that's why so many guys are available later rounds of the draft. And you can get a guy that we've never heard of you mentioned Erin foster earlier in the show. He was a guy who was drafted. He became a star player. There's so many guys out there who can do it. There will be star running backs that come out of this class. Even if we are obsessed with any of them right now, we're going to take a break when we return marshawn Lynch reportedly has a plan for twenty nineteen does that plan include playing football. We'll tell you.

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