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Five two nine one oh one seven okay so truckdriver michael earlier and if you're talking about weasel the week who's been a real weasel bring it go ahead it's fine with me you know your weasels your weasel and then we tally the weasels we count the weasels and we tossed him into the weasel hall of shame at five to nine one one seven talk and text so trump during the campaign said oh my gosh unemployment numbers are horrible and and l anything looks good as fake they're fake fake fake fake fake fake numbers fake numbers and what the obama administration was putting out for years we're actually not true especially during the summer of recovery number one and number two and the joe biden would come out and say we've got a million jobs and the bureau labor statistics say no more like fifty thousand and joe biden say we li we added a million jobs and the bureau labor statistics we come up that quarter and say no about forty three thousand so then we all started looking at the bureau of labor statistics and we learned that the three numbers that everyone talks about how many people have applied for unemployment and they used six numbers as everybody who is unemployed underemployed not being able to to work fulltime things like that and they're trying but they just can't get a time job and throughout the obama administration those were in double digits like you know fourteen sixteen percent a huge numbers so we get down to two thousand sixteen two thousand seventeen and in two thousand sixteen let me take a look at here the obama you sixes were still in in double digits and the seasonallyadjusted let's see in april two thousand seventeen dropped down eight point one that's two thousand seventeen in april two thousand eighteen down to seven point four so actually even with the use six numbers which are the worst numbers of all it's pretty darn impressive right now it's seven point eight percent and that's always the high number like i said always in a double digits the obama administration and now it's seven point eight percent the numbers we.

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