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Plus two seventy sixty four and a half. I mean my first thoughts here. Is this game. Feel this line feels super high. And then i go what. What's up with the brennan armstrong injury. Maybe that's when. I looked at the number go brandon armstrong out. I know he got banged up. Did some of his knees leg head coach bronco mendenhall said quote. His phone and email has not blown up. So i'm taking that as a good side so he hasn't heard anything that brennan armstrong is brought armstrong's playing in this game which it seems like he is. Maybe maybe wait to get confirmed again. They don't put out injury reports but the fact that we haven't heard any news probably means it's a girl. Uva plus nine seems way too high. What am i missing colby. You're not missing anything brin bronco and that's gonna be a star wrong said bronco shaw hall. That's you ask the question but no. Let's emphasize this point. Bronco men hall. I know who bronco inman. He is a legit college football coach. I think he's one of the most underrated he's got four and one record mack brown. That one loss was only because they miss a game tying extra point this is the guy who got background fired at texas. Do i need to bring this box score. Do i need to show you that. He ran for five hundred fifty yards against the texas. Longhorns would taste them hill. Five hundred fifty yards as they cruised victory. They blew him out a couple times depot. And he's to know Look last year. Everyone was on north carolina. Oh they're they're the best thing What happens when they play. Virginia they lose and the happen the year before in brown's first year i'm taking the wa. I think sprinkled some on the money. Line because i think coaching does he has him. Beat can i ask you a question. Do you think There's a chance that Uva doesn't have the Athletes to compete in the same way. That virginia tech's defense did like from just from a raw because virginia's they're going to give them more often. There was a lot of man coverage that work there but mendenhall will do that. He's gonna make them beat them with a lot of mankind. Do they have the same alber. I think they'll be able to score more on virginia virginia tech. But i also think men in halls offense is better than virginia. Tech's that i agree with. I mean you wanna talk about a guy that i would love for jason garrett to watch some uva offense all that pre snap motion on just just anything please But here's the problem. This is the ultimate to q. Play i played. Uva week one week zero. now week. one i played. Uva week two. That's enough when i see over eighty percent of people coming in and taking uva spot who. I understand i really like your angle. Mendenhall versus mack brown but This this north carolina team. It has a little bit more Desperation they can't lose another Divisional game They certainly can't lose another conversation. Lose another conference game and most importantly they just need to look good. They didn't drop far enough right. They still have a second life in. This may be your handicapping. The virginia tech offense being really good. No i still think. Sam how i don't see him lighting up virginia defense. I'm saying that. Virginia tech's defense is really good. And i'm saying that. Virginia tech's defense was able to play north carolina in a way that i don't think you like. Uva is not going to put all their dudes on islands. I don't think because it's not going to it or maybe they will and it just won't work out and that's my angle here. I don't i think. Virginia what i learned from that virginia tech game is virginia has some some dudes on defense that i don't think uva to what the world's gonna learn is that brennan armstrong is a legit one of the more underrated quarterbacks in america. He threw for five touchdowns last. Because i mean. I watched a ton of brennan armstrong film admittedly but we. We watched a decent amount of that game and his command. It and you know. Maybe it's just something that catches your eye. Because he's a lefty but he looked sharp. Nc nick steve. Young junior steve young. Junior let's go baby. Terrell firm and check youtube chat. He's on unc. Be ville bob cat saying auburn by ten and shout out to Who stephen vast cat saying you guys look so pro in vegas. Congrats made the brand appreciate at the ohio. State owes me three k. J. singer thirty. We've been there. Yeah yeah we are looking at the twitch chat to look at that we're last thing to note out. Uva they do have a look ahead spot. We should point out. Of course they are wannabe private school pussies. They're heading to their heading home to take on wake forest next week. They wanna look their best for the private school picture. Fans have the buttons on ahead. If you're tired. Virginia tech your hokies ryan head morgantown west virginia west virginia lane three. They had to start to zero to get on the sheet. Now that they're they're what you no no. I told kobe did not put him on the goddamn sheet. It was working well. And what does he do. Put someone come on because this needs to be there because this game's awesome all right. This is the one that needs to happen every year. All right and and the last time they played this they did a filthy. Move and play this at fedex. Field a write. They need to play this in blacksburg and morgantown every year. All right every other year let's let's not forget. It was west virginia. The decided to stop playing in the rivalry. 'cause they're they're fans were burning couches at an alarming rain. Like what what is west. Virginia extra couches. What a strange thing to burn. I like my couch. I would never wanna burn my couch to celebrate a win. That's pretty now. I have nowhere next weekend maybe saw couches burn. It's kind of fun. Look burn time as a great way to get rid of a couch. If you're moving out of your dorm it on fire is a hoke will play a lot of stay. It's a good way to get rid of stains as we learned in forensic files. Look as a as a hokey grad i. It would be hard for me to not Think this was to me. Like miami was a great rivalry as well but west. Virginia i'll never forget First thursday night we play in west virginia. And if you if you follow the sport you probably saw this. Play on sportscenter. That night. But andre davis took a punt to the house and honestly one of the greatest crack back block. It would be legal today. Just a dude completely the entire stadium the same stadium that blew up college football last week. You getting into the intro of the game. Just let out this roar when we as if we could see the soul leaving the dude on west. Virginia's body anyway yeah. no looked west virginia. Not a good. Not just not on the same level as virginia tech this year. This is not a these are not two teams that should be a them on a neutral field and so this is a team. That lost to mike loxley virginia tech. While i hate that. I have to pick the game so i know something horrible is about to happen in the future but this virginia tech team has been playing Sound ball they came out slow first half last week against middle tennessee state. They got it done. Though in the second half did they cover. They did cover okay. I thought they didn't cover. How many how. Many teams in the acc to know against the spread. I think it might just be. Uva in virginia tech which is a strange place to be They did get it done. And i just think there are better team so i don't. When is this kick. Since i can't trust this is a nine nine. Am west kick which is normally sleepy the west coast or the team's going east from the big twelve. It is a sleepy star star for them but this is a same time zone trip. This is a bus trip exactly. There will be virginia tech fans there and Yeah i don't. I don't know again if this was a neutral site colby. Yeah would it be a pick them. No the hokies would be bad. No this will be favored. We're playing numbers team. Sean take the points with my hokey. So koby you're on your on. Virginia tech not so fast with virginia minus three. One thing you're forgetting is that the home environment cove has happened yes. They played long island last year. Who knew the have west virginia Yes probably didn't but this this place is going to be lit is place. it's going to be absolutely lit. I refuse to think. I don't care who's playing right. Now if they had to come in the morgantown and you're giving me points on probably take in west virginia short of alabama. I'm probably.

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