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What's going on? Welcome to the jungle. My name is Jim Rome. Nice to have you here. Very rainy Thursday here in so Cal yo I bring that up for a reason not to complain not to say look at us. I just want to say it. I'm just saying for the record. It is raining. The weather is not good here. Just saying hopefully, I will not have to bring that up again. All right. Nice to have you here. The show is brought to you by rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans. Rocket mortgage is with you wherever you step away to provide a seamless mortgage experience. Excellent program for ya. Lots of good topics that I can't wait to get to a couple of interviews in our number one second hour is wide open. And another interview in the third hour. Let's get started telephone number as toll free one eight zero zero six three six eight six eight six few of my favorite topics one. Joel embiid. I've got thoughts on him on the start the program with that number to achieve skate who does not tip. I will get to that story. Another one of my favorites. I'll never understand that guys with more money than they can ever get two guys with more money than they could ever spend money that their kids kids can't get to yet. They hoard it, and they're cheap, and they don't share it. And they don't spread the wealth. Take the worst low Kabir, you probably know that story. I wanna talk major league baseball is there. Collusion or not. How is it? The Bryce Harper and Manny Machado are still without contracts. Not that the owners would be dumb enough to ever get caught. Again. If in fact, they did collude, but there's something going on here. Right. How is it that these guys do not have contracts? I've got that for you too. All right. So in terms of the interviews coming up next segment of NFL draft prospect, a former defensive lineman from Notre Dame, Jerry Tillery fascinating story. That's coming up in about fifteen minutes later on this hour, UFC heavyweight Cain Velasquez we go back to back. Second hour is wide open in the third hour of the program. Eddie Olczyk joins us NATO on NBC analyst..

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